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ArcGIS Pro Tips: Save Time With Bookmarks


Whether you have a web browser full of bookmarked web pages, or you’re like me and you think you can remember the random keywords you searched to find that obscure land use data from 1865 (surprise, I never can), you … Continue reading

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Creating and Saving Bookmarks for Navigation

Bookmarks are handy for navigating to a particular location that you want to visit often. Here’s a tip on how to create and manage your own collection of bookmarks using results.

First, remember that each result has a view property that you can set that enables you to click the result to zoom to a location/view of your choice. Just navigate to where you want to zoom, right click the result and open its properties.  Choose Location > View.

Use the camera button to capture the view snapshot for the result, and save your changes. Now whenever you click on the result you will zoom to your specified view.

You can also set these properties for folders, and that’s how we’ll create a few bookmarks. Let’s create a collection of bookmarks that will take us to New York, London, and Redlands. Begin with an new folder by right clicking the result panel and choosing Add Folder.

The default name is “New Folder,” which we’ll want to change. Right click to open the context menu and choose Rename, or hover over the name and click to activate text entry, and change the name to Redlands.

Repeat these steps two more times, renaming the folders New York and London respectively. You should see something like this:

Now we’ll set the view for each of them, beginning with Redlands. Use the Find Place task or navigate to the view of your choice over Redlands. You can also tilt your view. When you’re happy with the view, open the properties for the Redlands folder.

Once the properties are opened, choose Location > View. You’ll see that we’ve not yet captured a view property, and the entry fields are blank.

You’ll also see the camera button in the upper right. To capture the current view, just click the button, then click OK.

Now whenever you click Redlands, you’ll zoom to the saved view. Repeat the steps for the New York and London bookmarks, and you’ll now have a collection of bookmarks that you can click to zoom to the desired location.

We can improve our bookmarks by creating another folder, renaming it, and dragging and dropping the bookmarks we created above into it. You should see something like this:

We can save these bookmarks with our map, or export the My Bookmarks folder to open again later, or share with others. Now you’re just a click away from any destination.

For more information on result properties, check the Results Window item properties Help topic.

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