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New Spatial Aggregation Tutorial for GIS Tools for Hadoop


The Big Data team is excited to offer a new tutorial on spatial aggregation (sometimes called spatial binning). Spatial aggregation is extremely useful in summarizing big data to gain a meaningful snapshot of patterns in your data. Spatial aggregation works … Continue reading

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Using a binning technique for point-based multiscale web maps

By Kenneth Field, Esri Research Cartographer

Presenting point-based data on a web map is challenging because of the problem of overlapping symbology, particularly as you zoom out of the map to view data at smaller scales. So-called push-pin web maps are very easy to make with ArcGIS Online but making the map make visual sense at the smaller scales requires a little more work.  In this blog entry we illustrate how data binning can be used to aggregate large point-based datasets into hexagonal polygons to overcome the problem and improve the web map across all scales.

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