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Esri News for the Living Atlas Community


With the help of our user community and partners, Esri is curating an immense and rapidly growing collection of ready-to-use maps, imagery, and geo-referenced data for the world. This online collection of authoritative content, together with the new Web GIS … Continue reading

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Tips for creating hosted feature layers


Feature layers are often the best type of layer to use for visualizing your vector data in web maps. They are easily placed on top of tiled basemaps for geographic context and support interactive queries and selection, on-the-fly styling, and … Continue reading

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Creating Common Disaster Information Products for a Zombie Infestation


Earlier this year, the Esri Disaster Response Program team presented a live training seminar on our lessons learned from past events.  During this presentation, we covered the top ten information products that we often make when supporting our users.  Those … Continue reading

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100,000 points to nowhere: Cluster points to streamline maps

Pie chart clusters

The first post in this series explained why it’s not typically a great idea to try to plot huge amounts of data on a map. When a map layer contains a very large number of point features (10,000+), displaying each point … Continue reading

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100,000 points to nowhere: Right-size your data to create usable maps

clustered features

It’s easy to get bogged down in details when you have tons of data that you’re trying to display on a map. Plotting too many features on a map can lead to frustration and doesn’t provide valuable insight. This series … Continue reading

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Tell a story with your map-enabled BI dashboard

Interactive map-enabled dashboard

Incorporating maps into your BI dashboard can greatly enhance the effectiveness and usability of the dashboard for consumers. But without proper up-front planning, you’re likely to create a map-enabled dashboard that’s confusing, misleading, or difficult for consumers to read and … Continue reading

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Using Online Imagery in Your Maps and Apps


The ArcGIS Online platform includes a rich set of imagery content that is available to you with your ArcGIS Online subscription. The imagery is available for different coverage areas, at different levels of detail (from 250m to 1m per pixel … Continue reading

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Customize your ArcGIS Online Home Page Description


(Contributed by Bonnie Stayer, Solution Engineer on Esri’s National Government Team) In previous blog posts, we’ve covered how to customize the banner and background of your ArcGIS Online organizational home page, but did you know you can also customize the … Continue reading

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Designing Custom Roles for Your Organization


We recently published blogs on how to use custom roles to help implement an open data strategy in your organization and another on how to use them to provide access to Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS. In this post we’ll talk more broadly … Continue reading

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Open Data Workflows in the Enterprise


As your organization’s open data strategy matures it’s important to know that ArcGIS Online provides everything needed to help you implement an easy-to-use open data publication and approval workflow. All you need to do is create an additional group and … Continue reading

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