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Find the distance to assets from bases

All routes symbolized by base

Have you ever needed to know the distance from central hub locations, such as bases or offices, to groups of related assets, such as equipment or workers?  This blog post outlines a workflow and some tools for solving this type … Continue reading

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Enabling the power of search on Geospatial data within a Water Utility

There is no doubt that in today’s technology-centric world “Search” is one of the most powerful tools available.  One common challenge many utilities face is making data accessible to those who need it, and empowering them with the proper tools to find and use it.  This post focuses on some tools and workflows to enable search and broaden the reach of spatial data within a utility. Continue reading

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Filter Water Utility Assets by Attributes in ArcGIS Online

Water Utilities often want to identify where pipes of a certain material and/or diameter exist in their system or where hydrants out of service or in need of repair are located. Did you know you could to do this using ArcGIS Online? As a GIS technician/analyst/manager, how much time would it save you to empower your users to do this themselves; as a user, how much time would it save you to do it yourself? Follow the steps below to learn how to create a Filter Application in ArcGIS Online.  Continue reading

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High Accuracy GPS now available with ArcGIS for Windows Mobile!

Esri is proud to announce that we now have a GeoCollector solution for high accuracy GPS data collection with ArcGIS for Windows Mobile!

GeoCollector for ArcGIS for Windows Mobile
GeoCollector for ArcGIS for Windows Mobile is an end-to-end field data collection solution that bundles together Esri ArcGIS for Windows Mobile 3.1 software, Trimble® PositionsTM Software Suite by Trimble®, and Trimble® GeoExplorer® 6000 series GNSS hardware. Continue reading

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