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Announcing ArcGIS Python API (Beta)

Python API What Can It Do

A common reaction when  users experience the ArcGIS Python API  for the first time is they think  it’s the return of Avenue, ArcPlot or AML for the modern [Web] GIS world. That is not far from the truth. For  millennials … Continue reading

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Increased web API security in Google Chrome


Starting with Google Chrome version 50, some of the HTML5 web APIs will require websites to be using a secure origin like HTTPS to work correctly. The APIs that will be affected are: Geolocation, Fullscreen, Device motion and Device orientation. What does it mean? Simply put, unless sites are running … Continue reading

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Version 3.3 of the ArcGIS API for Silverlight and ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight now available!

New versions of the ArcGIS API for Silverlight and ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight are now available for download.  The 3.3 release is focused on bug fixes and targeted enhancements to improve product quality and integration with the ArcGIS platform.  Changes include:


  • Support for GdbVersion on ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer and RelationshipParameter classes
  • Support for feature collection items in web maps
  • Exposed symbol properties to modify the editing experience with Editor, TemplatePicker, and EditorWidget


  • Support for OAuth authentication when connecting to ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS content
  • Support for services with multi-point geometry
  • Fallback to authentication using proxy when service connections fail

In addition to the changes above, the 3.3 release includes support for Visual Studio Community 2013. You can learn more about what’s new in the API here, and what’s new in the Viewer here. The Viewer’s source code is available on GitHub here.

Note that version 3.3 marks the last planned releases of the ArcGIS API for Silverlight and ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight. Technical support for both products will continue to be available through June of 2016. Please refer to this blog post for further information regarding the support plan for these products. Moving forward, we recommend that you explore web solutions based on JavaScript and HTML, leveraging the ArcGIS API for JavaScript for GIS functionality. If you are interested in configurable web applications, please have a look at the recently released Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (downloadable developer edition here), which allows you to interactively create JavaScript and HTML-based GIS web apps.


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Who’s Ready for a Makeover?


The Social Media Template, a popular web application template on ArcGIS Online, has been redesigned, made responsive and given a new name. Introducing: the Public Information template (hold applause). Big difference, huh? This is a fully configurable template that allows … Continue reading

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Esri’s Roadmap for Web Developers

This post is designed to provide clarity on the future of our Flex and Silverlight development efforts. In order to align our product road maps, we continually monitor general web technology trends and the direction of our customers’ development efforts. Advances in modern browser technology combined with limited browser support for Flex and Silverlight, encourage the use of JavaScript/HTML5 for web GIS implementations. JavaScript/HTML5 has become the technology of choice among our user community for web GIS solutions going forward. Continue reading

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New weapons for your webmaps!


Our latest version of the JavaScript API (version 3.7) includes new map widgets for you to take advantage of and make killer apps. While creating web applications to aid our Disaster Response program, we noticed some commonly used mapping elements … Continue reading

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Step-up to the boilerplate


Take some development work off of your plate and get a jump on building ArcGIS API for JavaScript apps by starting with the JavaScript Application Boilerplate. After developing a few ArcGIS Online hosted templates, such as the Social Media and … Continue reading

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Using spatial analysis on the web – new Esri training seminar is now available

In recent years, the Internet and the advancement of technology have enabled a wider audience to get access to geospatial information which in turn creates a demand for accessing and using spatial analysis over the web. You can provide these types of applications using geoprocessing services authored using ArcGIS for Desktop and published with ArcGIS for Server. The new Esri training seminar “Sharing Analysis Workflows on the Web Using Geoprocessing Services” describes how to use ArcGIS 10.1 for Desktop and Server to author and publish geoprocessing services and use them in web applications.

To access the course, click here


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Registration Open for Developer Summit 2012

Registration is now open for the 2012 Esri Developer Summit.  The summit will be in Palm Springs, CA March 26-29, 2012.

This is the developer event for ArcGIS. Plan now to attend and get the inside developer details on ArcGIS 10.1

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Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice Awards

For the second year in a row, Esri won in the Mapping and GIS Components category of Visual StudioMagazine’s (VSM’s) Readers Choice Awards for its ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight/Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). In addition, Esri received merit awards for ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS for SharePoint.

Esri created the ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight/WPF for developers who want to create web-based mapping applications quickly and easily with minimal coding. Many governments and businesses use the API because it provides an intuitive framework for creating GIS web applications, such as data portals and interactive map viewers, and combines multiple technologies into a single development platform. Esri received the same recognition for the API in the 2010 VSM Readers Choice Awards.

This is the first year Esri received merit for ArcGIS for Desktop in the GIS and Components category. ArcGIS for Desktop is a complete system for managing, analyzing, and serving maps and geographic information. Esri also won its first merit award in the SharePoint Tools and Components category for ArcGIS for SharePoint, an out-of-the-box software solution that helps users quickly create, display, and share tabular information on dynamic interactive maps within SharePoint.

“It is gratifying to see our mapping tools being widely adopted and used by the developer community,” says Jack Dangermond, Esri president.

The VSM Readers Choice Awards are based on the responses of hundreds of select VSM subscribers. The online ballot, which was compiled by the editors of VSM, included more than 400 products.

“We’re honored to have been recognized by the Visual Studio Magazine community for the second year in a row,” says Art Haddad, lead software architect at Esri. “It’s great to be recognized for ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight/WPF and especially to see the complete ArcGIS system receive meritorious recognition in the GIS and Components category.”

The winners are highlighted in the November issue of Visual Studio Magazine. Visit Visual Studio Magazine to see the full list of award recipients.

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