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ArcGIS Desktop Virtualization Appliance @ the UC


As you could tell from previous blogs ArcGIS Pro can be easily virtualized. But the hardware that is needed is different than what has been used in the past. To help provide a clear description of the hardware needed to … Continue reading

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Virtualization at Esri UC


We will be talking a lot about virtualization at the UC next week! A couple of announcements: Stop by the ArcGIS Desktop Island to talk about virtualization, see and use ArcGIS Pro in a VMWare Horizon View virtual machine served … Continue reading

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Server-side processing in Pro


As datasets get larger it makes more sense to do your image analysis and processing where the data is rather than moving it to your personal computer. Until now, when working with an image service, you’ve had two options. If … Continue reading

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Taming Typography with ArcGIS Pro


by Kenneth Field, Senior Cartographic Product Engineer Typography is one of the most important elements in map design. Successfully lettering your map includes the selection of typographic elements, deciding what to include, what to omit, how to portray your type … Continue reading

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Invitation to participate in an Esri software Usability Study at the User Conference

The Esri Development Team invites you to participate in a moderated and recorded Usability Study of 3 specific areas of ArcGIS Pro: Geodatabase Management, specifically schema design and data modeling, Map Layout, and 3D Editing. Continue reading

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Virtualizing ArcGIS Pro: Nvidia Grid vGPU Profiles


During the development of ArcGIS Pro, the Performance Engineering Team at Esri has been testing ArcGIS Pro in virtualized environments with shareable GPU’s extensively within our lab.   ArcGIS Pro needs to virtualize well and since GPU acceleration can be shared … Continue reading

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Virtualizing ArcGIS Pro: CPUs and GPUs

Pro viewing San Francisco dataset

Virtualizing ArcGIS Pro Projects deploying ArcGIS Pro in virtualized environments are underway. As the IT industry virtualizes more desktops and applications, ArcGIS Pro will be virtualized and is expected to work well in those environments. For that reason the Performance … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET Coming Soon


ArcGIS Pro is the exciting new application that now comes with ArcGIS 10.3 for Desktop. ArcGIS Pro is like no other desktop application from Esri. It is an asynchronous WPF app that can be extended with the upcoming ArcGIS Pro … Continue reading

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Esri and the Science Community: The Year Ahead


From the Esri Insider blog post Science at Esri continues to be an exciting initiative where we are concerned with supporting both basic and applied science, while also recognizing that there are many major themes of compelling interest to society … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Pro in VMWare Horizon View

Pro in VMWare Horizon View

Desktop virtualization is increasing and will continue as more physical desktops are moved to VDI solutions and delivered from servers in a datacenter, either on premise or cloud based (DaaS).

Esri is committed to testing and benchmarking ArcGIS Pro performance, scalability, density and user experience in virtualization platforms. We have great collaborative relationships with the virtualization vendors that are most heavily used and that are delivering the best user experiences for our users. Continue reading

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