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What’s cooking on the Story Maps Developers’ Corner?


The Story Maps Developers’ Corner is a great place for developers of all experience levels to learn how to customize Esri’s open-source Story Map apps. The Story Maps team has shared many tips and tricks on the Dev Corner since we announced … Continue reading

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Check out Esri’s new Landsat Explorer web app


Explore the planet more deeply with Esri’s new Landsat Explorer web app! Use the app to both visualize our planet and understand how the Earth has changed over time. Now you can instantly analyze more than 500,000 Landsat 8 and GLS … Continue reading

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What’s New in Basemaps (March 2017)


Our Community Program contributors have added new and updated map layers to Esri’s Online Basemaps. There is new and updated content for 50 communities, spanning 3 continents. They include several counties, metropolitan areas, and facility sites in Asia, Europe and … Continue reading

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Hosted Feature Layer Views – A Practical Example

IMG_1839 (2)

I had the pleasure of talking to a number of you at the Dev Summit recently and enjoyed all the great questions about hosted feature layer views.  We thought it might be helpful to take the example I had used … Continue reading

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World Imagery Updates for Africa and More


Earlier this month, we announced several updates to the World Imagery basemap as part of the March updates to ArcGIS Online.  Well, those updates are continuing and this week we have released another large batch of updates with DigitalGlobe and … Continue reading

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How to Make Smart Color Choices in Your Maps


As the map-maker, you are the most valuable tool when creating a narrative around your data. An important way to get the intended reaction out of your audience is to be conscious about what colors you use in your map. … Continue reading

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Try something in 3D


Working in 3D can help you extend your 2D maps to communicate with a more human voice. You can present more realistic objects within the context of the real world, removing interpretation and driving more informed decisions faster, especially with … Continue reading

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Survey123 for ArcGIS (World Wildlife Day 2017 Update)

Survey123 for ArcGIS Icon

. [Source: Survey123 for ArcGIS Blog in GeoNet] This is a minor maintenance update focused on the survey123 web site and our humble tribute to the World Wildlife Day.  World Wildlife Day 2017 encourages youth around the world to rally … Continue reading

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Using Your Organization’s Shared Theme in Story Maps


A shared theme is a new feature of the March 2017 release of ArcGIS Online that allows administrators to configure a logo and color palette for consistent branding of configurable apps created by members of their organization. This post will … Continue reading

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What’s New in Esri Vector Basemaps (March 2017)


As part of the March updates to ArcGIS Online, we released new content to the Esri Vector Basemaps twice in the past month.  Each release contained a variety of community contributions, covering geographic areas from cities to counties to countries … Continue reading

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