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Announcing 64-bit Geoprocessing!


At the Esri 2012 User Conference, 64-bit Background Geoprocessing was announced and scheduled to be released with 10.1 service pack 1. Now, with the release of 10.1 service pack 1 the 64-bit Background Geoprocessing installation is available for download from … Continue reading

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ArcGIS 10.0 Service Pack 5

In an ongoing effort to improve the quality of ArcGIS, I’m happy to announce the release of ArcGIS 10.0 Service Pack 5

This Service Pack includes many fixes since the 10.0 release. Here is list of issues fixed in SP5. If you have any feedback or questions regarding this service pack, please post in the ArcGIS Resource Center Forums or contact Esri Support.

If you have additional enhancements or ideas that you would like to see included in future service packs or releases, please post them on the ArcGIS Ideas site.

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Registration Open for Developer Summit 2012

Registration is now open for the 2012 Esri Developer Summit.  The summit will be in Palm Springs, CA March 26-29, 2012.

This is the developer event for ArcGIS. Plan now to attend and get the inside developer details on ArcGIS 10.1

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ArcGIS 10 (Desktop, Engine, Server) Service Pack 3

10.0 Service Pack 3 is now available to download via the ArcGIS
Resource Center

Here is the link to SP 3 for ArcGIS 10 (Desktop, Engine, Server)

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ArcGIS 10.0 Service Pack 3

ArcGIS 10.0 Service Pack 3 is planned to be available in October 2011. Here is the list of the planned fixes for SP3. We will be updating this list periodically with additions and other changes as we move closer to release.

If you have additional enhancements or ideas that you would like to see included in future service packs or full releases, please post them on the ArcGIS Ideas site


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Beta 1 for ArcGIS 10.1

It’s beta 1 time for ArcGIS 10.1 if you have pre-registered for the beta program you should have gotten an email with instructions on how to download the beta software.  If you have not yet joined the program go to the new ArcGIS Beta Community site and sign up today.


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Esri and Java

Good post over on the ArcGIS Java Technology blog on the current state of Java.  Check it out at



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The Road Ahead for ArcGIS

The primary theme for ArcGIS 10.1, which is expected to be released in early 2012, is sharing and collaboration. Users will find that this release makes it simpler to put mapping and geospatial analytics into the hands of more people without requiring that they be GIS experts. ArcGIS users will be able to deliver any GIS resource, such as maps, imagery, geodatabases, and tools, as a web service. The ability to access these services will be built into ArcGIS, as well as any application built with one of the ArcGIS APIs.

With this release, cloud computing—both public and private clouds—will play an increasingly critical role in how users get their work accomplished. ArcGIS software will take advantage of the powerful, scalable, and ubiquitous nature of cloud infrastructures to store and distribute geospatial content. Users will be able to easily package their maps and layers and make that content available to staff, stakeholders, partners, or the public via online groups while maintaining complete control and ownership of their content. Additionally, users will be able to quickly deploy GIS servers in the cloud when they need them as fully functional production systems for publishing services and supporting desktop, mobile, and web applications.

At 10.1, ArcGIS for Server will run natively on 64-bit operating systems. Users will notice significant performance improvements for activities such as web editing, map caching, spatial analysis, finding addresses, and using imagery.

Imagery will also be better integrated into the core of ArcGIS. ArcGIS will not only make it simpler to use imagery but also support more imagery sources, as well as lidar and radar.

An exciting addition to ArcGIS at 10.1 will be ArcGIS Runtime, which lets developers create and deploy focused, stand-alone GIS applications for desktop users, who have been asking for a small, lightweight deployment that, in terms of capabilities, fits between ArcGIS Engine and the ArcGIS Web Mapping APIs. The new runtime is designed for both desktop and cloud development. It has a fast display and does not require installation; it can be run directly from a CD. The learning curve for the new runtime is expected to be very gentle for developers familiar with the web APIs.

In addition to these enhancements to ArcGIS, Esri has also concentrated on providing core GIS tools to help users create better maps. These tools range from dynamic legends to contextual generalization, the ability to track edits, parcel editing tools, analysis tools, and a whole lot more.

Finally, as Esri moves toward ArcGIS 10.1, Python is becoming foundational to ArcGIS. It essentially bridges the gap between GIS analysts and programmers.

We will be sharing more and more about what’s coming in ArcGIS 10.1 over the next few months so check back often.

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What are you doing next month?

Do you have summer or vacation plans for July? 

July is going to be a busy month here at Esri as we have the International User Conference in San Diego and plan to release ArcGIS 10.1 Beta 1 in July.  I hope that you’ll be able to join us in San Diego and be a part of the beta program.  We need your help and feedback on the beta release.

We are going to use the ArcGIS Beta Community site available at http://betacommunity.esri.com
for the ArcGIS 10.1 beta program. You can sign up for the community
today, but the 10.1 beta program isn’t open for registration yet. It
will be open in a few weeks. Domestic users need to be current on
maintenance and approved by the maintenance contact for their
organization to participate. International users need to be nominated by
their distributor. 

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Service Pack 2 Ready to Download

Service Pack 2 is ready and available to download on the Resource Center.
This Service Pack contains performance improvements, maintenance fixes,
translation updates and includes all updates delivered since ArcGIS

All ArcGIS Desktop and Engine users should install it.

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