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New Options for Embedding Maps


The December release of ArcGIS.com included a new and improved way to embed maps. This post will review the process for creating embedded maps and explore some of the options using the same web map for each example. Accessing the Embed … Continue reading

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Updating your hosted feature service for 10.2

In April 2013, we explained how you could use a Python script to automate the publishing and overwriting of your feature service on ArcGIS.com. This post explains how to perform that same workflow using ArcGIS 10.2 or 10.2.1. The following instructions will get you started, or, scroll to the bottom of this post for extra information on what’s changed at 10.2. Continue reading

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What’s coming in the September update of ArcGIS Online


We are planning an update to ArcGIS Online on September 17.  The purpose of this communication is to provide you with information ahead of the update about planned changes, enhancements and new features. An additional communication will be shared approximately … Continue reading

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Updating ArcGIS.com Hosted Feature Services with Python

Note: A this workflow has been updated for ArcGIS 10.2/10.2.1. Please read that post depending on your version. [January 24, 2014]

More organizations are moving towards using ArcGIS.com hosted feature services to serve data. One common task that has become a popular question of late is, “How do I automatically update the data within this hosted service?” For example, your organization may want to push nightly updates to keep synchronized with the daily changes made by your Desktop users. One of the easiest ways this can be done as this blog describes, is by overwriting the feature service completely with an updated one.

The following Python script demonstrates how to:

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Consuming WebMaps from ArcGIS.com with ArcGIS Runtime for iOS

Screen Shot 2012-08-17 at 9.43.43 AM

ArcGIS Online brings the concept of WebMaps, a ready to use intelligent map that includes a way to “mashup” of all your data. WebMaps are highly configurable for any user wanting to tell a story or share their geographic information. … Continue reading

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Telling thematic stories in ArcGIS Online

By Kenneth Field (Research Cartographer), Damien Demaj (ArcGIS Online Cartography) and Linda Beale (Geoprocessing)

Telling thematic stories in ArcGIS OnlineAt the 2012 Esri Education GIS Conference and the 2012 Esri International User Conference, we demonstrated how you can build informative thematic maps using the ArcGIS System.  The purpose of the sessions was to take relatively simple datasets and create a range of alternative thematic map types that told a story in different ways.  This demonstrated the techniques for creating the maps using ArcGIS for Desktop as our authoring environment and ArcGIS Online as our publishing mechanism.  As the XXX Olympiad is currently taking place in London, UK we illustrated how alternative maps can be made to tell different stories of the relative success of nations over the period since the first Olympic games in 1896. Continue reading

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Developer Summit Europe

To build on the success of recent Developer Summit in California, we’ve decided to take the event on the road. Esri will be hosting 3 Dev Summits in Europe this September.

I hope developers from all over Europe and the world will come together in Rotterdam, Berlin or London (all 3 if you want). The technical sessions will focus on becoming more effective at building web, mobile and desktop applications. Senior Esri development staff will be presenting so you’ll get a chance to see what’s coming next. Registration information will be available soon but mark your calendar now and plan to join us in Europe.

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New versions of Runtime SDKs for WP, iOS and Android released!

New versions of the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for Windows Phone, iOS and Android have been rolled out today! The recent release of the ArcGIS applications were built using these SDKs, so you know they are tried and tested.

ArcGIS 10.1 support

They all have support for lots of ArcGIS 10.1 goodies, including editor tracking, ownership based access control, fine grained editing capabilities and lots more.

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Using a binning technique for point-based multiscale web maps

By Kenneth Field, Esri Research Cartographer

Presenting point-based data on a web map is challenging because of the problem of overlapping symbology, particularly as you zoom out of the map to view data at smaller scales. So-called push-pin web maps are very easy to make with ArcGIS Online but making the map make visual sense at the smaller scales requires a little more work.  In this blog entry we illustrate how data binning can be used to aggregate large point-based datasets into hexagonal polygons to overcome the problem and improve the web map across all scales.

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Well count aggregation web map

By Mark Smithgall, Esri Cartographer

Well Map Aggregetation Web Count - Thumbnail

This well count aggregation web map shows how a complex data source, such as gas wells in a producing field, can be aggregated and portrayed in an easy-to-understand manner.  This was designed as an ArcGIS Online web map to show the aggregation number as a proportional symbol of wells per administrative area.  In this case, three levels of aggregation were used based on the most logical administrative areas:  parishes, Public Land Survey System (PLSS) townships, and PLSS sections. Continue reading

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