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Using spatial analytics to study spatio-temporal patterns in sport

3D spatial analysis tennis

By Damien Demaj Late last year I introduced ArcGIS users to sports analytics, an emerging and exciting field within the GIS industry. Using ArcGIS for sports analytics can be read here. Recently I expanded the work by using a number … Continue reading

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Setting a New Course for Ocean Science


How fast can we go with what we’ve got? “That was the challenge Jack Dangermond posed to 50 key members of the ocean science and resource management community who were invited to Esri corporate headquarters in Redlands, California, for the … Continue reading

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Developing with the Android ADT Bundle

Google’s Android team recently released the ADT Bundle which provides everything you need to develop with the Android SDK including a version of the Eclipse IDE with a built in ADT (Android Developer Tools) plugin.  This greatly simplifies setting up an Android developer environment.

Eclipse 3.8 and 4.2 were released concurrently as part of the Juno release.  The Android team uses the 3.8 platform which is just the core and not a full packaged release. Features and plugins can be added from within the IDE.  The Android team bundles the ADT in this fashion.  You can install and develop with the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android v10.1.1 and the ADT bundle in the same way you would install and develop with a supported Eclipse platform.  When installing features and plugins into the IDE Eclipse will contact all update sites during install to find any required software needed for the plugins.  Since 3.8 is part of the Juno release it checks Juno repository during this process and will update the platform to 4.2.  This results in ADT bundle branding and appearance to be overridden by Eclipse Juno.  In order to keep the ADT branding you must make sure that the installer dialog checkbox for ‘Contact all update sites during install to find required software’, is not selected as shown below:

Eclipse P2 Installer

You can track this issue with Android.

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Preliminary Results from the Historic Esri Oceans Summit


On November 7-8, 2012, Esri held the first and only Oceans Summit at its headquarters in Redlands, CA. This was an invitation-only, high-level strategy workshop attended by intermediate to advanced ocean GIS analysts and developers, including many long-time users of … Continue reading

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Changing landscapes: Designing the next generation of online Topographic Maps

By Damien Demaj

Last week we launched a refresh of the World Topographic Map and in this blog entry we explore the design process, the design objectives and outline five key changes to look out for. Continue reading

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Using ArcGIS for sports analytics


By Damien Demaj, Cartographer The statistical component of sport has always provided a fascinating way to analyze performance and success. This might simply be the final score, but for some sports, such as football, baseball, cricket, golf and tennis, meaningful … Continue reading

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Using spatial analysis to measure city accessibility by intersection density


Past work has shown the more accessible an urban area, the more walking and public transit use is promoted, whilst car journeys and traffic speeds are reduced.  What makes an area accessible and how do we determine if an area … Continue reading

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Make ArcGIS better by reporting software errors and joining the Esri User Experience Improvement Program

ArcGIS Error Report dialog box

You are trying to finish up a project with a deadline, haven’t saved your edits all day, and then, poof, ArcMap closes unexpectedly. Esri strives to produce stable, quality software, but occasionally bad things happen and you see: “ArcGIS has … Continue reading

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ArcGIS 10.0 Service Pack 5

In an ongoing effort to improve the quality of ArcGIS, I’m happy to announce the release of ArcGIS 10.0 Service Pack 5

This Service Pack includes many fixes since the 10.0 release. Here is list of issues fixed in SP5. If you have any feedback or questions regarding this service pack, please post in the ArcGIS Resource Center Forums or contact Esri Support.

If you have additional enhancements or ideas that you would like to see included in future service packs or releases, please post them on the ArcGIS Ideas site.

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The Vehicle Check Point Template is available for download

The Vehicle Check Point Template for ArcGIS 10.0 is available for download from Arcgis.com.

This Esri Defense template is designed to help you create a Vehicle Check Point (VCP) plan.  The template contains features typically used in developing a VCP plan, including:  point features that represent guards, vehicles, searchlights, bushes and trees, signs, and telephones; line features that represent such things as fences, gates, roads, special lanes, lane barriers, speed bumps, ditches, berms, and fighting positions; and polygon features that represent a command post, rest area, latrine, EPW holding area, and equipment storage area. You can add new features to represent other objects as needed.

The downloadable map package contains a finished example map, a map template, and feature templates.

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