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Beta Plans

Thanks for all the feedback on beta 1 and just wanted to make sure you see my post on the ArcGIS 10 blog about the beta 2 schedule.

If you need help with beta don’t hesitant to contact ESRI Support

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Geoprocessing Videos

In case you haven’t noticed, there are some really good video showing some enhancements to the Geoprocessing framework at 9.4 and demos of the new scripting capabilities using Python.

To check them out go to Geoprocessing Resource Center and click Video

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See what's new with Geocoding

In this new video, Jeff Rogers describes some major changes and improvements in the geocoding and address matching functionality available in ArcGIS 9.4.

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Videos from User Conference

In case you didn’t know, many Technical Workshops from this year’s User Conference are available as videos online.  You can also watch the sections from the plenary session where ArcGIS 9.4 features were demonstrated.

And if you are planning for 2010 make sure to get the ESRI Developer Summit on your calender.  This year will be all about 9.4 and will take place in warm Palm Springs, CA March 22-25 2010.  We are planning the content now so if you have suggestions for topics please let me know (relkins@esri.com)


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Discussion Forums

Hopefully you have all found the links to the new 9.4 Desktop Discussion Forums if not here are some direct links to bookmark.

On the Extensions Forum, Gert van Maren (3D Product Manager) shares some of the new features of 3D Analyst at 9.4

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Nine Innovations in ArcGIS 10

Each year at the ESRI International User Conference, staff present detailed demonstrations that preview major new functionality in upcoming ESRI software releases. John Calkins, technical evangelist at ESRI, precedes these demonstrations with a brief overview of his favorite innovations that will not be covered in detail in the demonstrations. Here are Calkins’ top nine favorite innovations in ArcGIS 10, excerpted from his presentation at last July’s conference in San Diego, California.

  1. User Interface. ArcGIS 10 features a new user experience. The upgraded look includes dockable windows that can automatically hide. Also, a new Catalog window is embedded in ArcMap. These and other underlying framework changes will greatly improve your productivity.  
  2. Attribute Tables. At 10, attribute tables are displayed in a dockable window. You’ll see a new toolbar across the top, giving you easier access to the tools you need. Also, you will be able to open multiple tables using the tabbed interface at the bottom. 
  3. Search. A new search capability complements the Add Data dialog box. The new search tool will allow you to type in search criteria and, with subsecond response time, locate the data you’re interested in. You will be able to use special keywords like points, lines, polygons, or layer to further refine your search. 
  4. Reporting. ArcGIS 10 includes a new reporting capability. A series of predefined templates makes it easier to make nice, formatted reports. Once you’ve created a report, you will be able to save the report so that you can later reexecute it with a different selected set.
  5. Geoprocessing Tools. With ArcGIS 10, the customization capability will be enhanced so that you’ll have access to all analysis tools. You’ll be able to drag and drop the Buffer tool or a geoprocessing model onto a toolbar. There’s also a new geoprocessing option that will allow you to enable background processing.
  6. Table of Contents Views. The table of contents now supports multiple views. The List By Visibility view is like a smart legend that will only show you the symbology in the legend for the features that are in your current, visible map. It’s a nice innovation to complement the traditional table of contents. 
  7. Symbol Search. To change symbols, you will no longer have to browse through 20,000 different symbols looking for the right one. You will simply do a search. It is far more efficient to search for symbols than browse through the multitude of symbols that are included with ArcGIS. 
  8. Temporal Mapping. ArcGIS 10 is becoming time aware, making it easier to make temporal maps with ArcGIS. There’s a new Time tab in the layer properties as well as a new clock tool that will allow you to set the display’s date and time.
  9. Fast Basemaps. In versions prior to 10, when ArcMap updates the display, it redraws each layer sequentially. A new basemap layer in 10 enables continuous, fast redraw.


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Blogs for ArcGIS 10

You have found the ArcGIS Desktop 9.4 blog but here are a few other blogs you’ll want to keep an eye on…

Here on the Desktop blog we’ll cover all things Desktop which includes all the Desktop extension, Desktop customizations and building custom desktop application with ArcGIS Engine.

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System Requirements

In preparation for the release of Beta 1, take a look at the Desktop system requirements.  The first thing that jumps out at me is that we now support Microsoft’s Windows 7.  You may not have seen much about Windows 7 yet as it was just released but early reviews are positive and I’m hearing some people are going to jump from XP to Windows 7, skipping the Vista release.  Either way, you are covered as Desktop 9.4 will support XP, Vista and Windows 7.


What are your Window plans?  Are you staying with XP, a Vista user, or moving to 7?

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