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Get ready for the next release of the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs!


The next release of ArcGIS Runtime SDKs is coming soon! It brings performance improvements you’ve come to expect but also the ability to write applications that can work both online and offline using a single API. We’re introducing the new … Continue reading

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Using your own Basemap layers with Collector for ArcGIS

Basemap layers play an important role in the field work that you do – they provide a geographic reference when collecting or updating data in the field. You can choose from a number of Esri-provided basemap layers or you can use the landbase, aerial imagery or any other reference layers you create and manage within your GIS.

When you need to work offline – Esri basemaps can be downloaded directly to your smartphone or tablet using the Collector app and we provide quite a few of them for you to choose from. Continue reading

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Collector and Operations Dashboard 10.2.2 Updates Released!

Today we completed the final phase of our 10.2.2 app updates by releasing Collector for ArcGIS into the iTunes App Store.

The 10.2.2 release of both Collector and the Operations Dashboard mark provide new opportunities to leverage Web GIS and the ArcGIS platform within your organization.

For more information, please see our Product Release Announcement located on www.esri.com.

Apps Team


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Collector for ArcGIS 10.2.2 phased release


We are happy to announce the phased roll out of Collector for ArcGIS v10.2.2! Android users will start seeing updates available over the next few days and early next week it will be available to all users on both iOS … Continue reading

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Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS 10.2.2 Released!

Late breaking news! The apps team just released an update to the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS!  Version 10.2.2 is available for right now and you can download the Windows Dashboard here.

We have added support for opening and viewing operation views within in a Browser so now the same real-time view of operations is available on your iPad or Android tablet as well as your Windows desktop. For more details, read this blog post or even better, take a look at our new doc!

NOTE: Portal for ArcGIS customers will be able to download the Windows app deployment utility from the customer care site late next week but will need to wait for the Browser app to be rolled out this summer.

Dashboard team

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Collector – Disconnected editing and sync

With the 10.2.2 release of Collector for ArcGIS in March you will be able to use maps on your smartphone or tablet when disconnected from the network. We started blogging about this last month by discussing how you will be able to download maps to your device. In this article we want to discuss feature services, the flow of data, and synchronizing edits. Continue reading

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Android Eclipse Updatesite URL has changed

ArcGIS Android Runtime SDK offers a custom plugin for the Eclipse IDE which is integrated with the download SDK and provided as a public URL updatesite for direct integration within your Eclipse IDE environment.  We recently rolled out an updated URL for our public Eclipse updatesite offered below:


Continue reading

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Development strategies for targeting Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

Development strategies for targeting Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

Everyone knows that consumer devices are now in the hands of everyone from toddlers to your grandparents, and your information when designed for mobile, can reach more individuals than ever before. You may know that you need a mobile strategy, … Continue reading

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Collector with Disconnected Editing is coming soon…

The Collector team is hard at work integrating support for disconnected editing into our next release of Collector for ArcGIS (v10.2.2) in March. This is a big update for us and we thought it would be a good idea to start blogging now about what is coming. We will be publishing a series of articles between now and release so keep checking in!  Let’s start with the experience for taking a map offline… Continue reading

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Create a Runtime Geodatabase in Android API

With the ArcGIS Android v10.2 release we introduced a bunch of offline developer capabilities as beta features in the API.  One of the more important features is the ability to create your own ArcGIS Runtime Geodatabase programmatically for use with offline features.  In this post we will step through the programmatic workflow for creating these offline geodatabases.

Offline Patterns

There are two patterns for creating a Runtime Geodatabase offered below:

  1. Service pattern:  Best for supporting a large number of users as the data is exposed as a service which supports downloading parts or all of the features as a Runtime Geodatabase.
  2. Desktop pattern:  Coming with the 10.2.1 Desktop release you will be able to create a Runtime Geodatabase from ArcGIS for Desktop.  This content can include features, tabular data, tile caches, and network datasets.  This pattern is best for supporting applications with read-only data that require periodic updates.

Generate a Runtime Geodatabase from a feature service Continue reading

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