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Never Want DevSummit to End? Keep It Rollin’ with the GeoDev Webinars!


The Developer Outreach Team is proud to announce the solution to your DevSummit withdrawals! We listened and are excited to keep the greatest developer event going throughout the year via our GeoDev Webinar series. For more on this, check out … Continue reading

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Styler – Design and Share 2D and 3D Maps with a URL


With the latest release of ArcGIS Online and just in time for the UC, the Styler template got a major update. Styler is a new configurable app template that you can use to create and share 2D or 3D web map apps on-the-fly. What makes it different … Continue reading

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Multivariate Rendering – 2D visualization techniques in JavaScript

Opacity reveals the strength of the majority variable: attended some college vs. those who didn't

Smart Mapping was added to the ArcGIS API for JavaScript in version 3.13 to provide web developers with an easy way to generate renderers with smart, visually pleasing defaults based on data distribution and the basemap. This new module helps … Continue reading

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Let your maps live in 3D!

create a scene

Wish you could see your maps in 3D? Only one problem. No 3D data. Well that’s not a problem with the scene viewer. The built-in scene viewer on ArcGIS Online, has all the tools necessary to change your 2D maps … Continue reading

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2D to 3D


ArcGIS allows you to visualize 2D data ‘in 3D’ in ArcScene and ArcGlobe. However this is done through setting layer properties in the Base Heights tab, leaving the actual feature geometries as 2D.

Sometimes it is necessary to turn the 2D geometries into 3D features using on an elevation model. This is especially true when you want the feature to interact with the surface (e.g. burn building footprints into the terrain) or use them in 3D spatial analysis.

The new 2Dto3D template shows the process of creating 3D features from 2D using an elevation model. The data used in this template is a subset of the buildings available in the Virtual City template.



3D Product Manager


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