Using Tags effectively


Tags can be added to any item, and are a useful way to quickly and easily identify and find specific content that you own, or is found within your organization or ArcGIS Online. There are a number of approaches to … Continue reading

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Open-source Geoportal Server Security Patch


We recently patched a Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) vulnerability within Geoportal Server and posted the patch to GitHub. Current 1.2.7 installations should just apply the patch, whereas installations before 1.2.7 will need to upgrade to 1.2.7 and then apply this patch.  The … Continue reading

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Maintenance Patch 1 for Esri Maps for MicroStrategy 3.0 released, now supports MicroStrategy Web/Mobile 10.6

This patch fixes critical performance issues in Esri Maps for MicroStrategy v3.0.

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Image Service Widgets for Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Image Service Widgets for WAB

This blog post was contributed by Emily Windahl, a Technical Editor on the Imagery Workflows Team.

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Check Out the New Version of Full Motion Video for ArcMap


Esri released version 1.3.2 of the Full Motion Video add-in (FMV), including new features and updated support for ArcMap 10.3 to 10.5. The FMV add-in is free for customers current on ArcGIS Desktop maintenance.

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Deploying Collector for ArcGIS without the Windows Store


There is a lot of excitement about Collector for ArcGIS on Windows 10. However, making it available is presenting a challenge to organizations that don’t allow access to the Windows Store. These organizations need to instead deploy Collector through the … Continue reading

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Apps that showcase your maps


Configurable app templates and Story Maps are a great way to share your web maps with others. Many of these templates offer tools and capabilities targeted towards specific uses and workflows, and all offer configurable options that don’t require any coding. But sometimes you’ve … Continue reading

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Esri Basemaps – New and updated content for 17 communities!


It’s only January and already we have had over 40 communities around the world contribute map layers to Esri’s growing suite of basemaps this year!

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Making Esri Licenses More Personal

Concurrent Use Licenses are still available in ArcGIS 10.5

At Esri we focus on supporting your GIS efforts. Based on research and working directly with you, we have learned about your needs regarding licensing. Concurrent Use Licensing At 10.5 Concurrent Use licensing is still supported. Users with a Concurrent … Continue reading

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World Imagery Updated with more DigitalGlobe and Community Imagery


This week, we updated the World Imagery basemap with more recent imagery from DigitalGlobe and other members of the GIS user community.  This latest update features DigitalGlobe imagery for Northern and Eastern Europe and large parts of Central Asia, as … Continue reading

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