Terrain Tools 1.1 released

By Kenneth Field, Senior Cartographic Product Engineer.

Prior to User Conference in 2015 we released a sample toolbox called Terrain Tools (original announcement here) that included a dozen or so tools to create beautiful, artistic terrain representations. It’s been downloaded nearly 8,000 times this past year. We’ve just released v1.1 which includes a number of bug fixes, for which we’re grateful to the community for giving the feedback that has helped improve their stability. We’re also delighted to announce the inclusion of a new tool called Plan Oblique. Continue reading

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ArcGIS Earth 1.2 adds capability to view huge meshes, import terrain, and export KML

Vricon Yosemite Data in ArcGIS Earth

We are excited to announce that ArcGIS Earth 1.2 is now available for download. ArcGIS Earth 1.2 adds new capabilities including: View integrated mesh data Use more local data and work offline Additional configuration ability Export simple KMZ View Integrated … Continue reading

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New Traffic Count Map and App

A Tour of Traffic Counts in the USA

Check out the new 2016 Traffic Counts in the United States web map and the USA Traffic Counts for Site Selection app. Both offer new ways to look at traffic counts. The 2016 Traffic Counts in the United States web map is ready … Continue reading

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The new Data tab: More than just a table (June 2016)

Portland Trees

By now, you may have seen the new item pages and have had a chance to use them. If so, hopefully it has been a seamless transition and you’re finding that the new layout and additional features help you to … Continue reading

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AppStudio for ArcGIS version 1.2 Now Available


We’re pleased to announce that version 1.2 of AppStudio for ArcGIS is now available.  You can get the new version of AppStudio by logging into http://appstudio.arcgis.com or downloading AppStudio Desktop or Player from the download page. This release includes new … Continue reading

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What’s New in ArcGIS Open Data for June 2016

site editor

June sees a huge release for ArcGIS Open Data. We are rolling out new beta sites for users to try out and see how we are moving forward, as well as new features to opendata.arcgis.com (also available now to administrators … Continue reading

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What’s New in Business Analyst: Updated U.S. Demographic Data and Reports and Improved Report Builder

Esri Business Analyst Web App

The June update of the Esri Business Analyst (BA) web app brings you the latest demographic data for the U.S. and improved tools for creating custom reports. Below are some highlights: 2016 Esri US Demographic Data Access the latest demographic … Continue reading

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What’s New in Configurable Apps (June 2016)

whats new

With the June update to ArcGIS Online, there are some big updates such as the enhanced interface and experience with item pages, new smart mapping styles, and added features for the scene viewer.  The same goes with configurable apps.  Rolling … Continue reading

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Create Great Thumbnails for Your Living Atlas Nominations

Large Thumbnail for Blog

By Jim Herries and Tamara Yoder, ArcGIS Content Team

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Introducing Survey123 for ArcGIS

Survey123 for ArcGIS Icon

Surveys, forms, polls, and questionnaires are really just the same thing: a list of questions. Questions, however, are one of the most powerful ways of gathering information for making decisions and taking action. Survey123 for ArcGIS is a simple, yet … Continue reading

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