User Conference 2007: Technical workshops for ArcGIS Server system administrators

If you’re in charge of deploying or maintaining ArcGIS Server in your organization, your time will be well spent at these workshops, which cover universal administration topics such as security and performance in the context of ArcGIS Server.

Securing your ArcGIS Server for [.NET or Java] Site
Both Java and .NET workshops are available for best practices for ArcGIS Server security. These presentations cover security for both GIS services and Web applications.

ArcGIS Server Administration, Configuration, Tuning, and Optimization
This workshop is a good opportunity to learn best practices from the ESRI folks who run ArcGIS Server performance tests.

Case Studies of Building and Deploying Enterprise ArcGIS Solutions
This workshop is presented by members of ESRI Professional Services who are routinely tasked with deploying large ArcGIS Server systems. They will be sharing their wealth of knowledge on this subject, gained from experience.

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Very Spatial TV features Explorer on the OQO

This recent VSTV podcast features ArcGIS Explorer running on a very interesting ultra-mobile PC, the new OQO. According to Sue at Very Spatial, the video was made during a break at a recent conference using the wireless connection available in one of the auditoriums.

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User Conference 2007: Java and .NET Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Group meeting

Jay Theodore and Art Haddad contributed the following previews of the Java and .NET SIGs, respectively, at the ESRI User Conference. All attendees are welcome to attend the SIGs.

Java Developers SIG

Wednesday, June 20, 12:00PM – 1:00PM (Room 31 A/B)

Interested in Java and emerging technologies? You can hear Jon Ferraiolo discuss OpenAjax while enjoying a complementary lunch. Jon is a member of IBM’s Emerging Technology group and the lead for the OpenAjax initiative.

Here’s what you’ll experience at the SIG:

  • OpenAjax briefing by Jon Ferraiolo
  • Scott Morehouse (ESRI Director of Software Development) shares his vision for GIS and Web 2.0
  • ArcGIS Server 9.3 JavaScript and REST API demos by the development team
  • Audience participation in Q & A / panel discussion

.NET Developers SIG

Wednesday, June 20, 2007, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM (Room 6F)

Calling all .NET developers! This is the place to be Wednesday evening for the third annual .NET Developers SIG. The agenda includes discussions about .NET and ESRI technologies, product giveaways, and food and drink served promptly after the SIG.

Here is what you can expect at the meeting:

  • Fred Aubry and Jeff Shaner from the ArcGIS Mobile Team will speak about Mobile technologies
  • Euan Cameron and team will discuss the ArcGIS Explorer SDK
  • General panel discussion / Q & A with ESRI leads

See you there!

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Mapping the Lewis & Clark Expedition with Explorer

(Post submitted by: George Dailey, K-12 Education Program Manager)

The release of ArcGIS Explorer opens the door to making use of not only ready-made services like those available from ArcGIS Online but also shapefiles that a user might access from his/her personal computer. In a test of that, I wanted to see how data we have created about the Lewis & Clark Expedition appear and function inside the ArcGIS Explorer environment.

The screenshot shows draping the entire expedition route (planning, recruitment, and exploration) over the default globe. To give historical context, shapefiles displaying the boundaries of the United States (1783-1803) and the Louisiana Purchase (1803) were added. The route layer was reordered placing it on top using the “Manage Layers” function. The transparency of the polygon layers was adjusted to allow both the satellite imagery and geographic areas to be visible.

To help the viewer better understand the layers and provide more historical context, I used the Create Notes Task for the three features, adding a Note title and text. A white-outlined polygon shapefile of US state boundaries was added to provide current day geographical context. Transparency on this layer was set at 80%, offering a ghostly quality to match the notion of peering across time. (NOTE: Manipulating the transparency slider from 0-100 and vice versa while demonstrating this in Explorer cements this temporal impression quite nicely).

I saved this project as an NMF that I can return to in the future. Note that the features might not remain as shown in the screenshot when reopened, but all aspects of their content and that of the layers and globe scale and position are maintained. Anyone can build a similar or even more complex project showing other aspects of the Lewis & Clark Expedition (US cities 1803, Continental Divide, key expedition camp sites, and major rivers and lakes) by downloading the Lewis & Clark 3 lesson package from ArcLessons. The shapefiles in the lesson package are immediately useable in ArcGIS Explorer.

If I were to give you the drive and path information for the shapefiles on my computer, I could in fact share my L&C map and it would work quite well on other computers assuming a mimic of my data path information. Conversely, a user receiving my L&C map and downloading the needed shapefiles could open the NMF with a word processor, find the four feature path entries, change them to match his/her preferred path, resave the NMF, and launch the prepared project.

But I think the best way to explore what’s described above is to download the Lewis & Clark 3 lesson data and build your own project. It’s easy and fun!

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User Conference 2007: Technical workshops for ArcGIS Server developers

San Diego Convention CenterIf you like to get your hands dirty with code, you’ll be interested in these technical workshops. Also, for additional developer topics, see some of the demo theater presentations listed in this previous post.

Developing Web Applications with [.NET or Java]
Web application developer workshops will be available at the conference for both .NET and Java. Frequent blog contributor Rex Hansen will take you through the .NET workshop, while Keyur Shah and David Cardella will present the Java workshop.

Extending ArcGIS Explorer using the ArcGIS Explorer SDK
An important advantage of ArcGIS Explorer is its ability to be customized. At this workshop you can learn how to use ArcGIS Explorer’s SDK to simplify and automate GIS tasks on the server and display the results in Explorer’s 3D environment.

Developing Applications with the ArcGIS Server Mobile SDK
If you’re going to be building an application for a mobile device, this is the workshop to attend. Members of the Mobile SDK team will walk you through the process of creating services for mobile devices and developing applications in which to use them.

Developing Java Applications with the Enterprise ADF
A workshop for Java EE developers, explaining how to leverage ArcGIS Server for the Java Platform Enterprise ADF.

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ArcWatch on Explorer

The recently published issue of ArcWatch includes a Q&A covering ArcGIS Explorer. ArcWatch is a monthly e-Magazine, and covers topics of interest to the GIS Community. You can subscribe to get ArcWatch automatically, and there’s lots of great information and good articles that you will find in the ArcWatch archives.

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User Conference 2007: Technical workshops for new ArcGIS Server users

Suppose your organization has decided to deploy ArcGIS Server this year and you’ve been tasked to get things started. What technical workshops at the User Conference will be most valuable for you if you’re brand new to ArcGIS Server? We recommend these three:

Getting Started with ArcGIS Server
This workshop is for newbies and explains ArcGIS Server from the ground up. It’s a particularly good choice if you’re experienced with ArcIMS but new to ArcGIS Server. Presented by Bryan Baker and Sterling Quinn, frequent contributors to this blog.

Installing and Configuring ArcGIS Server
ESRI Technical Support leads will walk you through the ArcGIS Server installation process in this technical workshop. Recommended for anyone who will be installing ArcGIS Server in the near future.

Creating and Using GIS Services
Sud Menon, ArcGIS Server development lead, will be co-presenting this workshop with Julio Andrade. The workshop will cover the types of services available in ArcGIS Server, many of which are new at 9.2.

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Gradient fills add cartographic allure

By Charlie Frye, Esri Chief Cartographer

World K-12 Education 1

Esri’s Graphics team needed some maps for a slide for one of this year’s Users Conference presentations to show where GIS was being used in K-12 programs in the U.S. and throughout the world. I was asked to spruce up the maps for the slide and was told these maps should be really simple because everyone in the audience would be looking for their country, or in the case of the U.S., their state or city, so no text would be needed, in fact just provide TIFF files of the maps.

I joined the K-12 data to the template data that ships with ArcGIS Desktop. You can usually find this in C:Program FilesArcGISbinTemplatesData, I just used the states, countries, and world30 datasets. I was given a point shapefile for the U.S. data. Continue reading

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Cartographic Relief Presentation reissue: Answers to a few recent questions

By Charlie Frye, Esri Chief Cartographer

Gradient Cartographic - Figure 3

Almost as soon as we announced the availability of Esri Press’ reissue of the English translation of Eduard Imhof’s Cartographic Relief Presentation, we started receiving some good and interesting questions. In the nearly four-plus years it took to complete this project, a number of rumors circulated that produced some of these questions. So, here are a few of those questions and our answers:

Q: The write-up on the Esri Press page states, “This new edition of Cartographic Relief Presentation was edited for clarity and consistency,” what does that really mean?

A: The Esri Press team found and fixed issues with punctuation and grammar. They did so, only when the meaning of a given sentence was clear; if the meaning was not immediately clear, then no change was made. Continue reading

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Explorer UC 2007 Sneak Peek

If you’re heading to the 2007 ESRI User User Conference in San Diego next week, there’s lot’s in store for Explorer users. Not only will there be introductory and advanced workshops that talk about the current release, there will also be some looks forward into the next version that is planned for release after the Conference. You’ll be able to see and try for yourself some of the new features in the ArcGIS Explorer Showcase area.

Don’t forget to add the Explorer sessions to your User Conference Schedule Planner, and make sure you stop by to say “hello” to the team. We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you might see during the plenary and at the workshops. We’ll also be showing these at the Explorer Island, and explaining how these were done.

Above: Explorer with several ArcGIS Online services, including the NGS Topo service. A Note links from an observer location to an online photo published on the USGS Web site.

Below: Using the new File Import capabilities, locations and links to real-time traffic cams have been added.


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