Integrating Waze with ArcGIS through the Connected Citizens Program.

Waze Connected Citizens Logo

On October 12th Esri officially announced a partnership with Waze, the free, crowdsourced traffic and navigation app powered by drivers. This partnership means that we are further providing templates and tools to allow governments to quickly work with Waze and … Continue reading

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It’s never too early to learn (and teach!) spatial analysis

Shepard Park

There are few things more inspiring than learning about the next generation of geographers, so we are excited to share the story of Yuliang Huang! Eleven-year-old Yuliang incorporated some awesome spatial analysis skills into his National Elementary Honor Society community … Continue reading

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Configurable Apps Announcement – Finder and Find, Edit, Filter Templates moving to Mature Support Phase

In the upcoming December 2016 Release of ArcGIS Online, two configurable application templates,  Finder  and  Find, Edit, and Filter will move into the mature phase of the Product Lifecycle  and will be removed from the default Configurable Apps Gallery. The Finder and Find, … Continue reading

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Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS v2.2 Developer Edition Now Available!


Quick announcement: Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS v2.2 Developer Edition is now available for download from the ArcGIS Developers site.

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Using color in web map pop-ups


Using color in your web map pop-ups can add more meaning and context to the information presented within them, and make your pop-ups more appealing. Here’s an example from a past election map showing the voting results. The use of color … Continue reading

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5 common questions about ArcGIS Maps for Power BI

Power BI report

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is a new, Esri-built mapping integration into Microsoft Power BI. Here are some of the most common questions we’ve heard since launching in September: 1. Can I sign in and access my data? 

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Ten essential steps for Story Map success


Story Maps are easy to author, but to craft a truly great one you’ll likely need to put in a little extra effort . Like playing a guitar, it’s easy to learn the F, C, G, and E chords and … Continue reading

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Collector for ArcGIS 10.4.0 (Android) released!


Our team has been hard at work testing all of the wonderful new functionality that comes along with the 10.4.0 release of Collector for ArcGIS and we are really excited to announce that we are done! Today we have released … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Pro Tips: Thinking About Linking – 2D and 3D Views


One great advantage of using ArcGIS Pro is the 3D GIS capabilities built into the app. You can visualize your data and see patterns that you might not notice in 2D. Two dimensional maps are what you think of as … Continue reading

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Living Atlas Oceans

Contributions to ArcGIS Content Delivers Real-Time Data and Increases Government Efficiency “The make it once, use it many times model guarantees that our users have access to the most current data and it increases the efficiency among all levels of … Continue reading

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