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Enabling a Smarter World


GIS Provides a Framework and Process By Christian Harder and Clint Brown. The Internet of Things is becoming real. We’re learning how to measure virtually everything that moves and changes on the planet with a web of connected instruments that … Continue reading

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Thematic point clustering for data exploration

Clustering in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is enabled outside the renderer, so clusters retain renderer properties and summarize the variable of interest on a cluster-by-cluster basis. In the example above, New York City 311 calls are visualized by the time of day each incident was reported. Cluster colors indicate the predominant time of day incidents were reported among features comprising the cluster.

Extracting meaningful information from large or dense point datasets can be challenging. Sometimes many points aren’t visible because they’re stacked on top of one another. Some datasets contain sparse data in some locations, but very dense data in others. Visualizations … Continue reading

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Share Your Thoughts: Enterprise Geodatabase Support in Insights for ArcGIS

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Fellow Insights for ArcGIS users, we want to hear from you! In the 2.1 release of Insights for ArcGIS we are happy to report that it is now possible to connect to a database that has an enterprise geodatabase and … Continue reading

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Map Multiple Attributes at Once using Predominance

Feature Image

Smart mapping allows you to select multiple attributes, and will automatically show you the largest value of those attributes. This uses a technique known as predominance, and can be done in minutes within ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. This quick … Continue reading

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Speed up your JavaScript development with autocasting


In the 4.5 release of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, autocasting support was expanded to all renderers, symbols, and symbol layers. This means that symbols and renderers can be created programmatically without importing their modules. All you need to do … Continue reading

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Import Terrain, Imagery, & OSM data into CityEngine


Build a city in less than 5 minutes  CityEngine is a powerful tool for transforming 2D GIS data into Smart 3D City Models. But what if you don’t have 2D GIS data to start with? No worries, CityEngine has you … Continue reading

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Expand Your Story Mapping Skills with Learn ArcGIS

Get Started with Story Maps

Telling stories is an art as old as speech itself — but an updated Learn ArcGIS lesson will show you how to add interactive maps, multimedia content, and text to the stories you tell. Get Started with Story Maps is a … Continue reading

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FeatureLayer rendering: taking advantage of WebGL in 2D


The 4.5 version of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript allows users to opt in to rendering FeatureLayer with WebGL (beta) in 2D MapViews. This is a major step in improving the overall performance of FeatureLayer, providing you with the ability … Continue reading

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ArcGIS API for JavaScript versions 4.5 and 3.22 released

Version 4.5 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript adds some key capabilities and several smaller (but sweet) enhancements that will come in handy. Here are the highlights in 4.5 (as well as 3.22); a full overview detailing new features can be found in the release notes. Continue reading

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What’s New in Community Analyst (September 2017)

CA Logo new

The latest update of the Community Analyst is here. The primary focus of this release is data updates. Additionally, there are a few enhancements.  Here are the highlights: U.S. Data Updates Updated American Community Survey (ACS) data to 2011-2015 year … Continue reading

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