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Sneak Peek to DevSummit’s Tech Sessions in Palm Springs


We know how excited you are about the tech sessions being offered at DevSummit in Palm Springs, so we put together an exciting short-list of stuff we want to highlight. We’re finalizing the full list now, and hopefully this will hold … Continue reading

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Collector for ArcGIS 10.4.1 (Android Platform) released!


Collector for ArcGIS v10.4.1 (Android) released on the evening of January 12th into both Google Play and the Amazon App Store. It includes a series of stability improvements as well as minor enhancements like integration with the recently released Android version … Continue reading

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Training Seminar for Custom Navigator Maps Now Available!

Navigator icon

A new training seminar called Navigator for ArcGIS: Creating Custom Navigation Maps is now available on Esri’s training site. This 60-minute video discusses how to create custom navigation maps that allow you to search your assets, route on your roads, and … Continue reading

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3D at Esri: 2016 in Review

1.1 billion points streamed into a WebGL scene

In 2015, the team at Esri started to roll out 3D capability across the ArcGIS platform. That effort laid the groundwork for an incredible 2016 in which we’re seeing 3D used in all flavors of Esri customer environments and domains.  … Continue reading

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What’s Coming in the ArcGIS Pro 1.4 SDK


ArcGIS Pro 1.4 will soon be released with new updates to the Pro SDK.  Some of the new SDK additions will include: Configurations – a brand new add-in pattern and template which allows you to customize your Pro UI/UX at … Continue reading

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What’s New with ArcGIS for Defense – December 2016

During the December 2016 ArcGIS Solutions Release there were 3 new Solution Products added to ArcGIS, 3 Solution Products were updated and 23 had product lifecycle changes.

New Solution Products

Gridded Reference Graphic widget enables users to create grids for use in partitioning geographic areas of interest.

Grid Overlay widget helps users quickly render an MGRS grid in a web application.

Visibility widget helps users conduct a radial line of sight or set an angular viewshed.

Updated Solution Products

Distance and Direction add-in for ArcMap and widget for Web AppBuilder were updated to constrict distance labels to two decimal places, draw lines as arrows to indicate direction, and fixed a bug so that graphics properly save as feature classes and KML.

Military Overlay was updated to be compatible with MIL-STD-2525B Change 2.  There are now individual sets of maps, layouts, task items, geodatabases, and feature templates for 2525D and 2525B Change 2 symbol creation.  This template includes the Military Symbol Editor Add-In which has been updated so that you can set it to work with either 2525D or 2525B Change 2 standards.

Product Lifecycle Changes

The ArcGIS Predictive Analysis Tools are no longer available through the Solutions website.  They are now available directly through Esri’s Professional Services.  For additional information or to request the desktop add-in or the web enabled version of the Predictive Analysis tools contact the ArcGIS Predictive Analysis Team.

The following are now considered reference implementations, or digital white papers.  These projects demonstrate the capabilities of ArcGIS but are neither downloadable on our website or supported.  You can, however, access the open-source code to these projects in GitHub:

  • Air C2 COP
  • Squad Leader
  • Vehicle Commander

The following were moved to the Mature Lifecycle Phase:

  • Cross Country Mobility
  • Drop Zone Suitability
  • Engagement Area
  • GeoMessage Simulator
  • Helicopter Landing Zone
  • Image Observables
  • Import and Conversion Tools
  • Lines of Communication
  • Lodgment Planning
  • National Security Basemaps
  • Imagery Basemap
  • Scanned Maps Basemap
  • Patrol Data Capture
  • Point of Origin Detection
  • Range Cards
  • Rapid Damage Assessment
  • Solutions Geoprocessing Toolbox
  • Urban Mission Rehearsal
  • Vehicle Check Point
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How to Publish Scene Layers in ArcGIS Online


In ArcGIS Online there are different types of scene layers that are supported in the scene viewer, 3D Templates, 3D Web AppBuilder apps and the 4.x JS API. In this latest release of ArcGIS Online we added the ability to … Continue reading

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Introducing Trek2There (by Esri Labs)


. . This blog introduces Trek2There, a new mobile app Esri Labs just published to the Google Play and iTunes app stores. You can think of this app as a smart compass that will always point to your destination.  Unlike an … Continue reading

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Air Mile Index: Visualizing a Recruitment Footprint


Soon, the people of these United States, along with interested multitudes worldwide, will find themselves in the throes of the second-ever college football playoff. Friends, family members, co-workers will find be pitted against one another in choosing their favorite. Geography … Continue reading

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What’s New with ArcGIS for Emergency Management, ArcGIS for Electric, ArcGIS for Gas and ArcGIS for State Government – December 2016


During the December 2016 ArcGIS Solutions Release 3 new Solution Products were added to ArcGIS, 27 Solution Products were updated and 1 moved to the mature lifecycle phase. New Solution Products Property Lister enables users to submit information about properties … Continue reading

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