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Service Qualification Template Updates

An early preview…

We’ve been busy on team telecom working on a new service qualification template application. We’re not quite ready to release yet but we wanted to get your input and thoughts by providing early access to a running prototype.

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Value Of VGI To Telecom Operators?

In this entry I wanted to talk briefly about the value of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) to the telecom industry and in particular the network operators. Its an area of “technology” that has seen a lot of interest recently particularly in the areas of disaster and emergency management.

We are all seeing how crowd sourced or volunteered location based information can provide another invaluable source of near real time information for first responders and emergency managers. But how can this type of information collection model help telecom network operators?

Well think about the network services you have at home or those that you access while on the road. Are they pervasive, are they everywhere, do they always work? Well the answer is no, not always and sometimes this can be more than just frustrating especially to business users.

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RF Prediction Cleanup Tools – Part 2

As promised i wanted to follow up on my previous discussion regarding the use of geoprocessing tools to automate the process of “cleaning” RF propagation data. In that article i talked about releasing an example GP model that shows how the different tools can be strung together to automate this complex business process.

I’ve just added such an example model to for download.

This download includes a sample map document containing 3 RF propagation studies in the Florida area. This is the raw engineering data output by a radio planning tool (in this case we used Cellular Expert).

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Esri at CTIA Wireless 2011

Visit Esri March 22-24 in booth no. 2334 at CTIA Wireless 2011, where you’ll see Esri web and mobile GIS solutions on display. Our web APIs will be powering a wireless Network Operations Center (NOC) application and an interactive wireless coverage viewer. Our Wireless NOC application features core ArcGIS technology with the BAO reporting widget built in. We will also have the ArcGISfor iPad and iPhone solutions on display. Stop by our booth to learn how Esri technology can drive applications that bring together and analyze critical information on network status, weather conditions, mobile field technicians, and more, to give you a real-time view of what’s happening on your network. See the tools that can maximize uptime and quickly evaluate and restore network outages. To learn more about our solutions or make an appointment to see us at CTIA, visit or email

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Business Analyst Report Widget for ArcGIS Viewer 2.2 for Flex

A not so quick note to let you know that i just put a Business Analyst Online(BAO) reporting widget for the ArcGIS Viewer 2.2 for Flex on the Telecom group. This includes a compiled version and source code to allow you to develop it further.

This widget uses the BAO developer APIs to access extensive demographic, consumer spending and business data for the entire United States. Via the widget users can generate detailed boardroom ready reports in PDF format for areas the user selects on the map.

Try it live here. Sample is limited to Redlands, CA, 92373/92374 ZIP codes. To run reports in other regions the widget will require you to have a full BAO login or sign up for a free trial of the API here.

The widget is very easy to use, when it opens it will show a dialog allowing you to enter your BAO account details. Enter your details and click submit.

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Telecommunications Resource Center Migrated

As many of you may have seen, the original Resource Center ( has been retired and we have migrated the Telecommunications Content to the new ArcGIS 10 Resource Center ( 

At the time of writing this post the top level link has still not made it onto the main page but will be added soon. Until then the Telecommunications Resource Center can be accessed here.



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Custom Serviceability Application

I wanted to share some code that’s been burning a hole in my back pocket for a while now…

For any of you who follow the Esri Telecommunications blog you have probably already seen the Fiber Service Analysis Dashboard Template (that’s a mouthful). This template was released earlier this year based on the, at the time, “Sample Flex Viewer”. However given the intended users of this application I’ve always felt this needed to be more of a focused, almost simpler & cleaner application.

So a while back i wrote a custom version of the application with those thoughts in mind and that’s what I’ve just made available for viewing and download on the Telecom group.

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Telecom Editing Tools Performance Improvements

Just a quick release update…

We have updated the 10 version of the Fiber Editing Tools to resolve a performance issue that was occurring on cable and device creation. The code has now been profiled to remove an issue that was slowing down all object creation. All cable and device creation times are now sub second even with larger cable configurations such as 12×144.

No other functional or data model changes were made.

The update is available as usual via

Please remove any previous installation of the tools before installing this updated version.



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RF Prediction Cleanup Tools – Part 1

This article aims to introduce some of the standard geoprocessing tools that can be used to cleanup radio signal propagation data produced by various Radio Frequency (RF) design and planning tools.

Wireless carriers generate an immense about of RF planning information with predictions of signal strength, best server, 2nd best server, adjacent & co-channel interference, handover information etc This initially raster format information is used by engineering groups to identify under served areas, areas with poor Quality of Service, areas with limited capacity and a variety of other uses.

While RF prediction data is generated for engineering purposes it is ultimately reused and exposed to the roaming partners, external organizations and the general public (via coverage locator apps etc). For such uses however the level of detail must be simplified both for competitive reasons and for making a clear and simple picture of the organizations service territory.

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ArcGIS 10 Fiber Tools Enterprise GDB Setup

This blog entry details the recommended steps to create a correctly configured enterprise database environment for use with the fiber editing tools…

The fiber editing tools have been designed to work against file based or enterprise geodatabase environments. To use the tools with an enterprise setup an empty enterprise level database must be configured with the Telecom Object Model schema in the correct spatial projection for your area.

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