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ArcGIS for iOS and iOS 6.0 release

On Wednesday September 19th, Apple will release a new version of their mobile operating system (iOS 6.0) ahead of launching new iPhone 5 devices. In certifying the final release seed of iOS 6.0 we have uncovered several problems with the existing ArcGIS application.

If your organization is currently using the ArcGIS application on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices we encourage you to wait until we update to the ArcGIS application before upgrading devices to iOS 6. We are finalizing our changes now and anticipate submitting to Apple’s App Store shortly. Once approved you will receive an update notification on your device and we will send out notification with another blog post.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Mobile Team

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Using spatial analysis to measure city accessibility by intersection density


Past work has shown the more accessible an urban area, the more walking and public transit use is promoted, whilst car journeys and traffic speeds are reduced.  What makes an area accessible and how do we determine if an area … Continue reading

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Straight line diagram templates for versions 10 and 10.1 released!


Recently released are two new templates for producing straight line diagrams, both the ArcGIS 10 and ArcGIS 10.1 templates are available here. This first release delivers several Esri Production Mapping capabilities for producing straight line diagram map products. Functionality in … Continue reading

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14th Annual APWA GIS Conference

The Southern California Chapter of the American Public Works Association will be hosting the 14th Annual APWA GIS Conference on September 20, 2012. The Conference will be held at the Cypress Community Center in Cypress, CA. Continue reading

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It’s coming – 6/12/12!

New Resource Center Home page

This Resource Center is getting a facelift and a fresh new look. We’re updating the color and styling of the website, adding tutorials for you to try ArcGIS, improving the gallery and video experiences, and much more.

We’ve been testing the website improvements as part of ArcGIS 10.1 Beta and Prerelease and now, in conjunction with its release, we’re ready to share the website improvements with everyone.

Click here to preview what’s coming. Then, on the evening of 6/12/12, the improvements will be applied to this website: All your bookmarks and page share will continue to work; some pages will just look a little different, and there will be lots of great new content.

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SnowCOP Helps Local Governments Efficiently Manage Cleanup during Snowstorms

Last week, we released version 1.0 of Snow Common Operational Picture (SnowCOP). SnowCOP is an ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Viewer for Flex application that can be used by public works, road commission, or department of transportation staff to monitor snow event responses and determine which streets (or areas within a local government) aren’t getting enough attention. It is an interactive web application that allows managers and district operations leaders to correlate citizen complaints, snowplow assignments, current vehicle locations, and planned response activities to maximize the deployment of resources when responding to the event.

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Live, Historic, and Predictive: Traffic and Network Analysis Services

New network analysis services and traffic services can now be accessed online!

The traffic services provide the ability to visualize historic, live, and predictive traffic data and traffic incidents.  You can also enable your local network datasets to access the live traffic feeds.

The network analysis services provide the ability to perform transportation analytics like routing and drive time analysis using latest and accurate data that you don’t have to manage.

All of this content can be accessed through ArcMap 10.1 or any of the web clients.  The services are currently in Beta, with a sample of San Diego publically available.  Anyone wanting to use these services outside of the San Diego sample area can do so, by simply joining the ArcGIS 10.1 Beta Community and completing the ArcGIS Network Analyst Extension task and ArcGIS for Server Extensions program.

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ArcGIS Online Data – FARS and NBI

Two nation-wide datasets are now available to you in our gallery!  See what condition your frequently used bridges are in, and see where fatal crashes have occurred near you.

The FARS (Fatal Accident Recording System) data contains all the fatal traffic crashes reported in 2009.  This is available as a map service, or as a downloadable geodatabase.


The NBI (National Bridge Inventory) data consists of all US bridges, and information on the condition of the bridge infrastructure.  This is also available as a map service or downloadable geodatabase.



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Transportation Activities at the UC

There is a ton happening at the UC this year – be sure to check out what transportation events, workshops, and sessions are taking place!

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Life of a Crash in the ArcGIS System

The Crash Safety Templates on our resource center gallery can take your organization through the complete system of crash data management.  They take you full circle by providing necessary components: crash collection, crash data management, modeling and analysis, and situational awareness.  Here’s how you can link these all together into one cohesive platform.
Starting in the field, highway patrol and police officers collect a crash using the map.  Because the crash collection form has a map in it, the x,y location is immediately captured and there is no need to interpret a written description.

That crash is then transferred to the central office, by an automated check-in or manual copy-paste once the device is connected to the office network.  Because the crash was collected in an established data model, data consistency is enforced and data integrity is maintained.

Now in the central database, the crash record is available for querying, analysis, and report generation.  Safety analysts access one database that is spatially accurate and timely.  Tools like hot spot analysis, sliding scale, spot, and strip analysis can be run on your desktop or on the web
Managers also have access to current information within a viewer designed specifically for them.  An executive dashboard allows you to quickly and easily retrieve information when you need it.

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