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ArcGIS API for JavaScript Version 3.7 Released

Version 3.7 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is now available! Below is a complete listing of new features, enhancements and bug fixes included in this release. The same information is available in the What’s New in 3.7 page in the SDK.
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Update: Announcing the Esri Ocean GIS Forum


This original July 31st post updated October 2, 2013. In November 2012, Esri held a historic, one-time-only Oceans Summit: a high-level, strategic workshop with an eye toward helping Esri to move forward in its approaches to ocean-centric software, associated data … Continue reading

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maps-app-android released on Github


At the developer summit this past spring we debuted a functional mobile mapping app built entirely on the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android v10.1.1. Today we are proud to announce the app has been released to the open source community … Continue reading

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JavaScript Developers, Meet GeoEnrichment

Example of GeoEnrichment

It’s not hard to create a map and overlay one set of data on it – well, at least not with ArcGIS Online. But what if your users really want to see several types of data, such as demographics, just … Continue reading

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Step-up to the boilerplate


Take some development work off of your plate and get a jump on building ArcGIS API for JavaScript apps by starting with the JavaScript Application Boilerplate. After developing a few ArcGIS Online hosted templates, such as the Social Media and … Continue reading

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Demo Applications: ArcGIS Server for Administrators sessions at the 2013 User Conference

Screen shot of Services Dashboard application

During the ArcGIS Server for Administrators technical workshops at the 2013 Esri International User Conference, two demo applications were presented; Popular Extents and Services Dashboard: Popular Extents This application plots extents requested from a map service as graphics in a … Continue reading

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Custom Watersheds at the Click of a Button: Watershed Delineation in ArcGIS Online

Watershed Delineation Geoprocessing Tool

By Steve Kopp, Esri For the water resources community, one of the highlights at this year’s Users Conference was the public beta release of the watershed delineation service in ArcGIS Online. This geoprocessing service is now available to everyone with … Continue reading

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ArcGIS API for JavaScript Version 3.6 Released

Version 3.6 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is now available! Please refer to the What’s New in 3.6 for the full list of features and bug fixes. Highlights include:
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New Developer Subscriptions for ArcGIS Online

Screenshot of the developer pricing plans for ArcGIS Online

Developers started building custom apps using ArcGIS Online as soon as it was launched last year. In March, we released to bring all of the documentation, samples, APIs, and SDKs together in a single location. The March release also … Continue reading

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New Esri Open Source Javascript Projects: Esri-Leaflet, Geoservices.js, Terraformer, Pushlet


We are happy to announce four open source Javascript projects we’ve been working on in the last few months! Esri-Leaflet is a Javascript library to help developers build lightweight applications using the Leaflet Javascript mapping library. Geoservices.js is a Javascript … Continue reading

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