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ArcGIS Pro Tips: Save Time With Bookmarks


Whether you have a web browser full of bookmarked web pages, or you’re like me and you think you can remember the random keywords you searched to find that obscure land use data from 1865 (surprise, I never can), you … Continue reading

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Get Started with 3D in GeoPlanner

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GeoPlanner helps you design, test and collaborate on scenarios in 2D and 3D so you can make better decisions about the future of your community. GeoPlanner enables you to plan and test ideas in what-if scenarios.

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What’s Coming in the ArcGIS Pro 2.0 SDK


ArcGIS Pro 2.0 will soon be released with updates to the ArcGIS Pro SDK. The upcoming Pro SDK release will include: API enhancements for Raster, Geodatabase, Mapping, Geometry, Content Management, and Editing API breaking changes — please consult the migration documentation … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Earth 1.5 enables Enterprise users who need a 3D globe app


Esri supports hundreds of thousands of organizations across the globe. As each customer organization, may have its own configuration, infrastructure, and deployment pattern, the versatility of ArcGIS Earth with the ArcGIS Platform enables customers to configure and adapt Earth to … Continue reading

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Lightning Talks to Strike at UC Again!


Every year we get users who are looking for opportunities to show off some of the work they’ve done over the past year. Nothing ends up being a better way to do so than with Lightning Talks at UC! Lightning … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Pro Virtualization: VMWare Blast Extreme and PCoIP overview

When connecting to a virtual machine either on-premises, or in the cloud, users can now choose from several different protocols to make the vital connection between the backend server and the client.  Where once limited to a simple text-based console or Remote Desktop (using RDP), we can now choose from other contemporary protocols.  This blog discusses the performance of PCoIP and Blast, two common protocols that provide the necessary rich 3-D experience for ArcGIS Pro, while maximizing what can often be a constrained network connection on Desktop machines, Thin/Zero-Clients, and mobile devices.  Before diving in, let’s take a moment to understand the difference between PCoIP and Blast.  PCoIP uses the UDP protocol which is suited for media streaming.  To use PCoIP, you need to use a client such as the horizon View client from VMware.  VMware Blast Extreme can also use the same client yet uses the H.264 protocol for encoding video, and shares similar advantages of PCoIP.  Blast, on the other hand, can use a modern browser’s ability to link to the Virtual Machine, without a plugin.  While a user can use a client like the Horizon View client, they can also use a browser such as Chrome or Firefox to access and interact with a VM.  Below is a demonstration of ArcGIS Pro running in both a PCoIP client and using a browser with Blast.

Quality of the network connection has a huge impact in performance and a superior visual experience.  Under ideal circumstances, you may be connecting using a highly optimized LAN with ample bandwidth.  Ultimately though, you may be connecting using a more constrained WAN/Internet, with wireless networks adding yet more instability to the connection.  As you can see in the video, the quality for both systems running is comparable, and both perform well.  ArcGIS Pro was both responsive and snappy to commands.  Beyond testing with just a virtual machine connecting to a laptop, an iPhone was used to connect to the VM.  To connect to the PCoIP instance, like the laptop experience, the iPhone needed to download a client, whereas a blast connection can be made with the browser.   This kind of functionality means that with a virtualized environment ArcGIS Pro and the data can be housed with either a hosted or on premises solution, yet accessed from anywhere, allowing ArcGIS Pro to be taken anywhere and accessed as needed.

For additional information on virtualization please visit and search for “virtualization” for additional information.

Current testing has been performed using a Dell r730 Virtualization Appliance, with information on that hardware able to be found here.

For additional information on VMware Blast please visit

For additional information on PCoIP please visit

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C-Through – A Prototype for Interactive 3D Urban Planning Analysis on the Web


UPDATE: View a live sample of the application and and learn how to build your own c-through by forking the code on GitHub. Urban planning is a challenging task, especially for extensive infrastructure and building projects in mixed-use areas where … Continue reading

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Pro SDK Videos from Dev Summit 2017


The technical session videos from the 2017 Esri Developer Summit are now online on E360, and with them the ArcGIS Pro SDK sessions.  The videos are a useful resource for the latest Pro SDK information and patterns.  Below is a handy list … Continue reading

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DevSummit Demo Theatre Sessions – Sneak Peek!


You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging with just 20 some tech session videos, did you? We’ve included 20 demo theater sessions as well! These were such a hit, we had to be sure to get them out to everyone … Continue reading

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Make Your Mark in the GIS of the World

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Just Click on the My Contributions tab to Share Important Data As you may have heard, the Living Atlas of the World website has undergone a redesign to make finding what you need and contributing content as easy as possible. … Continue reading

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