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An ArcGIS Earth overview at version 1.2

Now that the 2016 UC is over and we’ve got a little more breathing room, we wanted to respond to some of the feedback that we got asking for more overview information on ArcGIS Earth.

If you haven’t downloaded ArcGIS Earth yet, it’s free to use to access local files and publicly shared data.  You can get the current version here:

ArcGIS Earth is a lightweight, easy-to-use globe viewer that lets you interact with a variety of GIS information.  Earth is now at version 1.2.1 and has had three full production releases on our quarterly production schedule.  We intend to continue to release the application rapidly to allow us to respond to customer feedback.  We also recently extended the support to make sure that each version will be in Mature Support for one year after the next version is released.

Instead of listing out all of the interface features of Earth, here’s a quick (3 min.) video that will give you a look at how to use Earth when you first launch it:

With Earth, you can:

  • Navigate and explore the globe
  • Add map data
  • Sketch simple shapes and export them as KMZ
  • Save and send map images
  • Personalize navigation, measurement, and other settings

We’ve attempted to make Earth easy to use, including by allowing users to add data through drag-and-drop and by finding data in ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS.  We’re also working to establish closer relationships with partners such as Vricon and PLW Modelworks to enable users to have better access to a wider variety of content.  Don’t forget that Earth can use Drone2Map data, too!

For a look at how easy it is to add data into ArcGIS Earth, take a look at this video (10 min.):

For a deeper dive into the Earth documentation, you can always find it here.

Please keep the comments and questions coming in. We encourage you to post ideas and questions on our GeoNet forum.

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ArcGIS Pro turns 1.3

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CityEngine 2016 Logo

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DigitalGlobe Partners with Esri to update World Imagery


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New at the UC 2016 Map Gallery: ArcGIS Pro Interactive Map Wall

Map Wall 3x3 grid

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