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Celebrating Wimbledon using the CityEngine Web Viewer

3D Tennis Visualization

It’s been a little while since our last post on GIS and sports analytics. This week we thought we would have some fun and celebrate Wimbledon by creating a simple visualization using ArcScene and the new CityEngine Web Viewer.

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Using the Storytelling Shortlist template


One of the more popular storytelling with maps templates is the Shortlist, used for the Los Angeles Shortlist, DC Shortlist, Palm Springs Shortlist, San Diego Shortlist, and many others. The template is a great way to present different categorized locations … Continue reading

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Using the Storytelling Playlist template


There are a variety of different story map templates that you can download and host from your own servers, and even a hosted, configurable version of the Map Tour template available with an ArcGIS Online subscription account. Another useful and … Continue reading

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From ArcMap to ArcGIS Online: well-prepared geographic information for the web

6-7-2013 3-50-11 PM

Web maps are increasingly becoming the principal manner in which we publicly share our GIS stories. For many of our users, designing content within ArcMap is the best way to ensure quick authoring with the ArcGIS Online map viewer. Because … Continue reading

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User Software Applications Fair

Esri Web App Fair

Attention Community Map Contributors! There will be a User Software Applications Fair at this year’s Esri International User Conference. The submission deadline is June 21, 2013. In order to participate, you will need to register for the conference. The application categories are … Continue reading

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Red, Blue and Purple: mapping the 2012 US Presidential Election

Every time an election occurs, maps become a key component in telling the story, but what type of map best tells the story of the winners and losers? Red/blue choropleths? Areas shaded in an array of purples? Value by alpha maps? Dot density by County? Ultimately, the areas used (e.g. Counties) are arbitrary, exhaust space and dictate the visual pattern we see.  We can warp them into cartograms but these sometimes distort geography too much for them to make much sense. The patterns we see are as much a product of the boundaries as the voting patterns of real people in real places. This blog entry explores different ways to map election results and describes a different type of map we made to show the 2012 Presidential election results…it’s a multiscale dasymetric dot density web map (viewable on ArcGIS Online).

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Filtering, performing analysis, and building a web map application with ArcGIS Online


With ArcGIS Online, individuals, governments, and organizations alike can create and share compelling map stories. For example, by using just two map layers, law enforcement officials could use ArcGIS Online to determine the locations where crimes are occurring, perform spatial … Continue reading

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Using Stamen and MapBox tilesets as basemaps in

In his recent blog entry Adding tile layers to your web map, Chris Whitmore explained how the March 2013 enhancement to ArcGIS Online supported the addition of a range of new file types to web maps. Chris described the approach of adding tile layers to web maps which allows you to use web-accessible map tiles from a server directly using a URL request from the browser. In this blog entry I show you how this approach can be used to integrate Stamen and MapBox tilesets in your ArcGIS Online web maps.

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Best Practices for Building and Sharing Community Web Maps and Apps

Today’s technology has made it easier than ever to effectively share global information with the world. This information can be shared in a variety of ways, including web browsers, mobile devices, and desktop viewers. The Community Maps Team and ArcGIS Online encourage the creation and sharing of content. While sharing content is important, how we share this content may be even more important. Content and information is seldom useful if it is not well crafted and presented clearly. Below are some tips on how one can add value to shared content, ensuring that web maps and apps are engaging and contain the appropriate supporting information.

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Be a hero in 15 minutes with story map templates


Story map templates provide a quick and easy way to add more value and meaning to your web maps, and deliver them to a wider audience in interesting applications. Even if you don’t know a thing about JavaScript, you can … Continue reading

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