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Liven up your map tours using “real-time” data


A previous post detailed how you can use live web cams (actually snapshots from live web cams) to author dynamic “real-time” story maps. These add an interesting context to any story map, and make it more relevant for telling certain … Continue reading

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An Ocean of Story Maps


Last update: August 4, 2017 In a prior blog post, I mentioned that for the 2015 Esri Press research monograph Ocean Solutions, Earth Solutions, we encouraged the chapter authors to prepare a story map as another way to communicate their … Continue reading

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Quick Step Guide: Storytelling Map Tour


Map Tours are an easy and interesting way to combine text, media (photos and videos), and and their geographic locations using an interactive map. Map Tours can be authored and published by anyone with an ArcGIS account – whether you’re … Continue reading

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JFinteraKtive: The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

by Nathan Shephard and Kenneth Field

November 22nd 1963. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald while in Dallas, Texas. It’s been 50 years since the cataclysmic event in Dealey Plaza and the fascination, conspiracies and consistent speculation on what happened and why have been ever-present in the intervening years.

Here, we present JFinteraKtive, an interactive 3D Web Scene of the shocking moments that changed the world we live in. 

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Putting Your Best Story Map Forward


Story Maps are very popular; you can view story maps created by Esri and story maps created by the user community at the Storytelling with Maps website. By implementing a few best practices you can create a great user experience, and provide … Continue reading

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New weapons for your webmaps!


Our latest version of the JavaScript API (version 3.7) includes new map widgets for you to take advantage of and make killer apps. While creating web applications to aid our Disaster Response program, we noticed some commonly used mapping elements … Continue reading

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Map extents in ArcGIS Online

Set Extent dialog box

Have you ever tried to create two maps with the same extent? You line everything up on your monitor in the same place, use the same scale, and click Save. But when you open the two maps in another computer … Continue reading

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2013 NACIS conference will include ArcGIS Online web mapping workshop

The North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) will hold their annual conference in Greenville, South Carolina on October 9-11. This year, in addition to the terrific agenda of presentations and activities, the conference will also include a hands-on workshop on Creating and Sharing Web Maps with ArcGIS Online. The workshop will cover the vast collection of GIS resources available through ArcGIS Online as well as best practices for finding and using different types of ArcGIS Online services to build quality Web maps and apps which can be shared publicly or within a private group and accessed on just about any web-enabled device.

The workshop is on October 12th, and is just $20 for conference attendees and $60 for students who choose to just attend the workshop.  To find out more about the NACIS conference and the Creating and Sharing Web Maps with ArcGIS Online workshop, visit

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Reducing Health Care Spending: Analytical Strategies

Medicare spending analysis

The rising cost of health care is a serious problem.  Individuals are increasingly confronted with the impossible choice between food and rent or needed care.  Expensive health care also inflates the cost of doing business making it more and more … Continue reading

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Map Tour story map template updates


(With contributions by Greg L’Azou, story maps developer).  With the July 2013 ArcGIS Online release the popular Map Tour story map template also received a major update, with new features and capabilities for both public and organizational account users. About … Continue reading

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