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Dartmouth Flood Observatory now in the Live Stream Gauge Map

In countries like the United States and Germany, well-funded federal agencies keep careful watch on the nation’s rivers, and disseminate their observations to the public. But in developing nations, many of the world’s major rivers remain un-gauged, despite the millions of people whose lives depend on them. The Dartmouth Flood Observatory hopes to help solve this problem with a concept they call “satellite gauging sites,” which makes it possible to monitor the flowrate of rivers using freely available satellite data, without the need to build or maintain expensive infrastructure.

Adding new gagues to the map

Animation showing the added gauges

They key to this method is the microwaves sensors carried aboard satellites like AMSR, TRMM, and GPM. As the amount of water on the landscape increases, emissions in the microwave spectrum decrease – a clear signal that can be used to track flowrate. Microwaves are unaffected by cloud, but absorbed by liquid water, which means that Flood Observatory scientists can monitor river conditions even when the ground is visibly obscured by weather.

Pop-up Window

Pop-up window showing data from a gauge

The numerical estimates are much less accurate than ground-based gauging, of course, but still extremely valuable. As a relative estimate of how the flowrate is changing over time, they can be used to track droughts and floods, and to analyze long-term changes in the flow regime.

In order to make them more easily available to the GIS community, Esri has added these satellite gauging sites to the Live Stream Gauge map. When you click on one, it displays an estimate of today’s average flowrate, a description of the status (e.g. low flow, moderate flood, major flood), and a graph showing the time series. There is also a link to the station page, where you can get monthly and annual flow estimates, as well as some information about the calibration and accuracy of that particular site.

This latest update also included new contributions from England’s Environment Agency, the State of Nebraska, the State of Oregon, and the Iowa Flood Center – over 3000 new gauges in total – so if you haven’t checked it out in a while, now is a great time to take another look. For those of you who have been using this map, please let us know your thoughts about it in the comments. Thank you to all our stream gauge contributors!

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New Content and Updates to the World Topographic Map Available!


Our user community has provided updates to the World Topographic Map! Contributing to Esri Community Maps is easy! This basemap release includes new Community Map contributions to the World Topographic Map. Areas with new and updated content include the country of Thailand and … Continue reading

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Barcode Scanning in Survey123 for ArcGIS

Survey123 for ArcGIS Icon

[Source: Survey123 for ArcGIS Blog in GeoNet] A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data. A lot of things around us have barcodes. You will find them in virtually any packaged item you buy, in the back cover of … Continue reading

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Announcing the Release of ArcGIS for AutoCAD 355

Esri is increasing the pace of releases of ArcGIS for AutoCAD by creating smaller scope releases. This is one of those incremental releases. Be sure to download the newest version of ArcGIS for AutoCAD 355 now, which is available here.

This new release includes updated support for AutoCAD versions 2013-2017 in nine different languages. New in this release is a command to generate local feature classes from all the populated layers in your drawing. This new command is good for creating new local feature classes from well-structured drawings that you intend to share with ArcGIS desktop users, or that you want to add tabular attributes to within AutoCAD.

This important release fixes a bug when connecting to secure services on ArcGIS 10.3.x and higher servers. This release will also warn you when you connect to feature services on 10.3.1 servers containing unsupported date fields. (This issue with feature service date fields in ArcGIS Server was fixed  in ArcGIS Server 10.4), but in case you are using  10.3.1 servers with ArcGIS for AutoCAD you will be warned that you cannot synchronize services when a date field is present in feature services on those servers. Check out this brief video for an overview of what’s new in ArcGIS for AutoCAD 355.

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World Imagery updates: more DigitalGlobe, more Community contributions


We continue to improve the World Imagery basemap with updates from DigitalGlobe and our GIS user community. This update features new and improved high-resolution imagery for areas covering most of Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Denmark, parts of New Zealand and … Continue reading

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Our User Community Just Did It Again!


Our User Community has updated Esri’s online basemaps with new and updated content. In fact, they have done it 18 times this year! This basemap release includes new Community Map contributions to the World Topographic Map. Areas with new and updated content … Continue reading

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Integrating Waze with ArcGIS through the Connected Citizens Program.

Waze Connected Citizens Logo

On October 12th Esri officially announced a partnership with Waze, the free, crowdsourced traffic and navigation app powered by drivers. This partnership means that we are further providing templates and tools to allow governments to quickly work with Waze and … Continue reading

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Map Your Voters Before the Next Election

Map Voter Data to Plan Your Campaign

Want to win your next election? In a new Learn ArcGIS lesson, you will learn how GIS could help you outmaneuver your rivals on the political battlefield.

In Map Voter Data to Plan Your Campaign, you will assume the role of a campaign manager researching voters for an upcoming election that includes southern Howard County in the U.S. state of Maryland. You will start the lesson by creating a map and geocoding a spreadsheet with the addresses of your potential voters. You will then download a layer of Tapestry Segmentation, developed by Esri as a way to classify American neighborhoods into 67 unique market segments based on a variety of demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. By researching Tapestry, you will learn more about the lifestyles and living standards of your voters as well as gain insight into their values and the issues they care about. Inferences could range from housing costs and college expenses to smartphone taxes and charity giving. Continue reading

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Civilian Topographic Map Release 3 Now Available!

One year ago we published version 2 of the Civilian Topographic Map (CTM) which allows users to create 25K and 50K civilian style topographic data and maps using Esri Production Mapping. Today, we are pleased to announce the release of version 3.

Continue reading

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Control vertical exaggeration and image properties in ArcGIS Earth 1.3


Download ArcGIS Earth 1.3 now! ArcGIS Earth users can now do more with terrain, imagery, and KML in version 1.3, in addition to personalization and authentication improvements. Vertical Exaggeration Control In ArcGIS Earth 1.3, users will now see an on … Continue reading

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