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Welcome to the ArcGIS Mobile 9.4 beta blog

Thank you for visiting the ArcGIS Mobile 9.4 beta program and the blog site. The mobile team has been working hard to deliver quality software updates in the 9.4 release and will be using this blog site as a venue for providing you with content that supplements our documentation and is of importance not only to your testing of 9.4 but your understanding of ArcGIS Mobile.

Getting Started with Beta 1 Snapshot

There are some things that you need to know before getting started with ArcGIS Mobile at the 9.4 release. First is that ArcGIS Mobile (SDK and applications) are no longer installed as part of the ArcGIS Server .NET setup!! So where is it?? How do I get started??

ArcGIS Mobile at 9.4 has its own separate setup. The ArcGIS Server .NET setup ships the functionality required to publish a map as a mobile service – that is core functionality of the Server itself. However the Mobile SDK, the client applications (Windows Mobile and new Windows application), the new Mobile Project Center application and our Geoprocessing tools to support extraction and check-in of mobile caches are a part of the new, separate setup.

So to get going, you will need to run the ArcGIS Mobile setup on your client machine.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Mobile Project Center is a new application that replaces the 9.3 functionality of creating and managing mobile projects. Mobile projects are stored on your web server. HOWEVER, the folder structure and web service that the Mobile Project Center uses to store projects on your web server WAS NOT INCLUDED in the Server .NET setup!! For the beta 1 release, you will need to do the following:

1. Install ArcGIS Server .NET and run the web post installer.

2. Install the ArcGIS Mobile Project Server setup (and integrated post-installer) on the same machine.

3. Install the ArcGIS Mobile setup on your desktop machine.

Also important to be aware of is that the Mobile Project Center uses active directory to connect to the Project Server that you installed on your web server. It will try to use your logged in or cached credentials to connect to the web server. If that fails, you will need to provide a username/password that is in the AGSAdmin group on the web server.

If you run into issues getting this to work with beta 1, please post questions to the Forum. We will be watching them regularly.



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ESRI and Trimble 2009 Government Grant

ESRI and Trimble have joined fores and launched the 2009 Mobile Government Grant Program. The joint grant program awards hardware, software, and training with a value of $89,980 to 20 state and local government agencies in the United States.

More importantly however, the Grant Program is a vehicle for Government agencies to share their business processes, workflows, and custom software development with other Government agencies that have similar needs for field data capture and analysis.

This grant applies to the use of both ESRI’s ArcGIS Mobile and ArcPad software coupled with Trimble device offerings.

For more information on the 2009 Mobile Government Grant Program:

Also here is a link to the ArcPad blog posting on this as well:

Mobile team




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Japanese version of the ArcGIS Mobile Application

The ArcGIS Mobile application is available in multiple languages! When ArcGIS 9.3 was released, ESRI France was the first ESRI distributor to localize the ArcGIS Mobile Application. However just recently, ESRI Japan released the ArcGIS Mobile 9.3.1 application for Windows Mobile in Japanese and Korean!

Localized screen capture of the View Map Task

How does this happen?

When we develop our applications within the software development group, we also produce a Localization Kit to our distributors. This enables our distributors to localize our products and release/sell them in their local markets. The Localization Kit for ArcGIS Mobile includes 44 resource files (all text strings used in the application are stored inside of resource files, cab files, a public key file, and a set of instructions on how to localize ArcIS Mobile.

The localization procedure for the Distributor goes like this:

  1. First they will translate the strings stored in the resource files (.resx files).
  2. Next they will build a satellite assembly using the resource files that were translated in their desired locale.
  3. Deploy their satellite assembly as a dll and test the mobile application to ensure that the translation was complete.
  4. ESRI will sign the application and return a CAB for final release testing to the Distributor (this is a necessary step as if not properly signed - the application may not be installed on mobile devices that are fully locked). Please refer to the following Microsoft article for details on Application Security and Code Signing

ESRI Korea currently has approximately 100 ArcGIS Mobile users spread over 5 organizations with another 50 to 100 users set to deploy applications this year using the localized version. The majority of the deployments in ESRI Korea are in the field operations for Utilities (gas, water, etc). Now that a localized version is available, ESRI Japan is anticipating adoption of the application soon.

Thanks to Sunee Puckdee for her hard work with both distributors and developers on the mobile team to make this a success. Sunee is a product engineer on the mobile development team that focuses on testing and localization. You may have met her at the Users Conference this year as along with Jay Chen they led the “Try ArcGIS Mobile” event. Perhaps next year we will use the Japanese version!!

Mobile Team


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Thank You!

Now that the 2009 Users Conference is over, the Mobile team would like to thank everyone that attended our technical sessions, came to the island to ask questions and see our demo theatre presentations, and went out to the marina and tried ArcGIS Mobile on a Trimble Juno SB or AT&T Fuze device!

The Users Conference this year was a great success for the mobile team and we learned a lot from talking to all of you. We are now busy wrapping up 9.4 development and preparing for our beta release. Not to mention we are also busy at work at the newly announced iPhone application!

If you were not able to attend the Users Conference or if you were unable to see ArcGIS Mobile 9.4 at the plenary, here is a link to a video of the mobile portion of the presentation.

Mobile team

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Biggest Conference News! ESRI Inc takes the cup!

Each year at the Users Conference, there is a hockey game that is held Sunday night between ESRI Canada and ESRI Inc. This year, ESRI Inc took the cup away from ESRI Canada and will be proudly presenting it around the Users Conference and then back in Redlands.

In the picture you will find Glenn Meister, Ivan Trombley and Jeff Shaner from the mobile team.

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Preparing for Try ArcGIS Mobile

The Users Conference is fast approaching and yesterday we drove from Redlands to San Diego to field test the ArcGIS Mobile application in preparation for “Try ArcGIS Mobile”. As I mentioned in a previous blog article, if you come to the Mobile Island you can sign up to “Try ArcGIS Mobile 9.4″ outside the conference center around the beautiful marina.

Jay Chen and Sunee Puckdee, product engineers on the mobile team, will be your hosts for this event. The picture below was taken yesterday outside of the convention center while we were mapping various landmarks.


All you need to do is to come to the mobile island and sign up for the event. The event days and times are as follows:

- Tuesday at 1:30pm
- Wednesday at 1:30pm
- Thursday at 10:00am

We look forward to seeing you there!

Mobile Team 


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ArcGIS Mobile at UC2009

The Mobile team is busy preparing their demos and powerpoints for the Users Conference. So I thought I would list all of our activities (sessions, demo theatres, and SIG meeting) so that you can put them ALL in your calendar…

Technical Sessions
ESRI Mobile GIS Solutions Overview (Tue 8:30am, Wed 1:30pm) in room 10
ArcGIS Mobile – An Introduction (Tue 10:15am, Wed 3:15pm) in room 10
Developing Applications with ArcGIS Mobile (Wed 10:15am, Thu 3:15pm) in room 10
ArcGIS Mobile GIS 9.4 Plans (Tue 1:30pm, Thu 8:30am) in room 6B

Demo Theatres
Introducing ArcGIS Mobile (Tue 2:00pm, Wed 10:00am, Thu 9:00am)
Focused Application Development using the ArcGIS Mobile SDK (Tue 3:00pm, Wed 1:00pm)
Whats Coming in ArcGIS Mobile 9.4 (Tue 11:00am, Wed 3:00pm) 
Managing business workflows with multiple roles (Wed 4:00pm) 

Special Interest Group Meeting
Mobile GIS Special Interest Group Meeting (Tue 12:00pm) in Room 28E 

We look forward to meeting you at the conference!

Mobile Team 

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Try ArcGIS Mobile Live At UC 2009

This year at the Users Conference, you will find the ArcGIS Mobile team either at the Mobile Island or presenting technical sessions. We are busy preparing now for this year’s set of activities now. This is an exciting time for us because it is one of the precious opportunities we in the software development group get to interact with the users we build software for!

This year we want the experience to be a little more exciting and interactive for you! On Tuesday and Wednesday at 1:30pm and Thursday at 10:00am, we want to take you outside the convention center to take ArcGIS Mobile for a test drive! At the Mobile Island this year, we will have 5 Trimble Juno SB and 5 AT&T Fuze devices equipped with ArcGIS Mobile so that you can walk around the marina, explore the application, capture data, come back to the island and see the results of your work.

We will have sign up sheets at the Mobile Island so when it opens up on Tuesday morning, come and secure your spot for the day of your choice.

Information about the Product Islands can be found here.

As we get closer to the Users Conference, what additional mobile activities are coming your way!

Hope to see you there,

Mobile Team


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9.2 SP6 Mobile Server and Client SDK Patch released!

Today we released a general patch titled ArcGIS Mobile Server and client SDK Patch for ArcGIS 9.2 Server for the Microsoft .NET Framework that you can install on top of ArcGIS Server .NET 9.2 SP6.

This patch is a culmination of hot fixes and we felt that it was important we share these fixes with all clients that are still using 9.2 SP6 and cannot migrate to 9.3.1 in the near future.

Please see the link above for details on the patch.

Mobile team



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ArcGIS Mobile Preconference Seminar

If you are planning to attend the users conference this year and are looking for a hands-on deep-dive into the ArcGIS Mobile SDK, we will be hosting a preconference seminar on Sunday. There is an additional cost of $325.00 for this event.

Here is a link to the seminar details

Mobile Team

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