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The Science of Where Seagrasses Grow: ArcGIS and Machine Learning

Global prediction for seagrass occurrence. Click for interactive map.

From suggesting how many steps we should walk in a day, to predicting the future price of our home, machine learning (ML) is becoming an integral part of our lives. ML is a new approach to understanding our universe based … Continue reading

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Esri Vector Basemaps (August 2017 updates part 2)


We kicked off the month of August with a round of data updates in the Esri Vector Basemaps. We close out the month with another update of content spanning the globe. The entire western hemisphere, North and South America, was … Continue reading

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What’s New in Basemaps (August 2017)


Esri’s Community Program contributors have added new and updated map layers to Esri’s Online Basemaps. There is new and updated content for 25 communities. This release takes in several counties, cities and facility sites throughout Asia, North America, and Oceania, … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Earth adds Geocoding in ArcGIS Online, raster and 3D model insert, and an Automation API


ArcGIS Earth 1.6 focused on expanding the range of workflows that users can accomplish with Earth to allow more enterprise productivity.  The release of ArcGIS Earth 1.6 enables users to batch geocode address files against ArcGIS Online, adds local raster … Continue reading

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Geographic Data & The Living Atlas are Key to Remote Engineering

Remote telecom network engineering is all about reducing the number of engineering field visits by bringing the field to the engineer. This can reduce costs, improve designs, and accelerate time-to-market. One of the most crucial pieces to remote engineering is geographic data. In order to bring the field to the engineer, the engineer needs to have as much data and intelligence about the field as possible in order to make a calculated decision. This data might include existing or potential asset locations, like poles and power supplies, or it might be high quality aerial imagery and LiDAR data.  All of these geographic datasets that help create a Digital Twin of the real world can be collected, stored, and made available to your engineers through ArcGIS.

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