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Geographic Data & The Living Atlas are Key to Remote Engineering

Remote telecom network engineering is all about reducing the number of engineering field visits by bringing the field to the engineer. This can reduce costs, improve designs, and accelerate time-to-market. One of the most crucial pieces to remote engineering is geographic data. In order to bring the field to the engineer, the engineer needs to have as much data and intelligence about the field as possible in order to make a calculated decision. This data might include existing or potential asset locations, like poles and power supplies, or it might be high quality aerial imagery and LiDAR data.  All of these geographic datasets that help create a Digital Twin of the real world can be collected, stored, and made available to your engineers through ArcGIS.

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Time Warped Cartograpy


Here is a ridiculous walking distance map of Seattle. The geography of areas accessible via a 1, 2, and 3 hour stroll are warped into concentric rings. While it looks like an ice cream cone on a hot day, its … Continue reading

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Lightsaber Lines –I mean Firefly Lines


Hang on! This blog post can alternatively be read in a mind-bending full-screen epically scroll-tastic Cascade Story Map. No? Ok, well it turns out a fine fellow named Oliver Burdekin created a quick and easy video tutorial based on this … Continue reading

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Spatial Analyst- Post-UC Recap

User conference

It was great to interact with all of you at the User Conference in San Diego. Thank you for sharing your analysis stories, and for your feedback and suggestions. For those of you who could not make it to a … Continue reading

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How-To: Missile Height Diagram


Last week I, along with the rest of the news-aware world, learned about an intercontinental ballistic missile test performed by North Korea, assessed to have reached an apogee (how high) of 2,300 miles. Wait, what? 2,300…miles? To an aeronautical nobody … Continue reading

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How-To: United States of Craigslist, Chalkboard Style!


Ah the trusty old, well-worn, United States of [Thiessen Polygon] Map. But at least I was a relatively early adopter (the original version was made in…yikes!…2011). Sure, this post will show you how to make these boundaries, but more interestingly, it will … Continue reading

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How-To: Fake Island Election Map Thing


Here is a map in the style of Tim Wallace’s definitive map of the 2016 US Presidential Election. This is a small snapshot of Tim’s maps, for reference… Tim’s unique take, and beautiful craftsmanship, show two Americas, one of Trump and one … Continue reading

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Virtualizing ArcGIS Pro: Nvidia GRID Tesla M60


The Esri Performance Engineering team has been benchmarking ArcGIS Pro in the virtualized environments using shareable GPU’s for a number of years.  We have published a series of articles in order to assist our users in understanding the technology as … Continue reading

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UC 2017: Have you signed up for a free data health check yet?


Are you going to the Esri User Conference next week? Would you like to get your GIS data reviewed by an Esri expert for free? Check out this announcement about data health check sessions here. Or watch this short video … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Pro Tips: Guide for the Esri UC 2017


As a GIS lover, I’m a geek for data. Here’s the 2017 Esri User Conference by the numbers: 5 days, 300+ exhibitors, 450+ hours of hands-on training, 1000+ sessions, 17,000+ attendees, and several thousand opportunities interact with each other and … Continue reading

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