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Give Your Analyses R Advantage

The prediction surface result from a logistic regression R script tool created using the R-ArcGIS bridge in a model with the ArcGIS Kernel Interpolation with Barriers tool.

The R-ArcGIS bridge was recently featured in the live training seminar, Go Deeper with Data Analytics Using ArcGIS Pro and R. The topics covered included, how to easily transfer data between ArcGIS Pro and R, an open-source programming language for statistical analysis, and … Continue reading

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Steal These Vignettes Please


I’m prone to add vignettes to my maps. They are a handy, and sometimes beautiful, way to frame the composition and draw the eye in to the subject. I wanted to give you a handful of vignette resources so that … Continue reading

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How to Make this Crazy Map


Here’s a run-down of all the general steps required to cook up this map, which happens to show the relative burden of home ownership: It was created for this story map, of the same name: In it, I map the … Continue reading

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Creating 3D web apps in ArcGIS Online – Tracking Hurricane Irma


In ArcGIS Online you can create web apps with your web scenes from Scene Viewer, the item details of web scenes and from My Content. Over the weekend I created a 3D web app to help give a different perspective … Continue reading

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New ArcGIS Pro style files


Three new ArcGIS Pro styles for Emergency Management, Local Government, and State Government industries were released this week for ArcGIS Pro version 2.0. The Emergency Management style contains symbols for critical infrastructure and emergency facilities, damage assessment, debris reporting, and … Continue reading

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Spatial Analyst Resources


The ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension provides a broad range of powerful spatial modeling and analysis capabilities, like distance analysis, suitability modeling, terrain analysis, surface modeling, surface interpolation, hydrological analysis, and image classification. You can create, query, map, and analyze raster … Continue reading

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The Quest for the Missing Identify Tool

By Jill Scholz, ArcGIS Pro Map Exploration team

When you first opened ArcGIS Pro, did you gasp “Where is the Identify tool?!” If you did, you are not alone. The “missing Identify tool” is one of the first things users note when transitioning from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro. While it might initially seem shocking, let me assure you all its investigative functionality is still available.

So how do you achieve the same result without this familiar tool? There are several solutions, and the best fit depends upon your goal.

Continue reading

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New ArcGIS DevLabs Available for the Pro SDK


The ArcGIS for Developers site is a great location for developers to access the many resources available for building on the ArcGIS platform.  The ArcGIS DevLabs area of the site contains clear, easy-to-follow lab tutorials for data preparation, map design … Continue reading

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Your Guide to Upgrading ArcGIS Enterprise


One of the best things about the User Conference every year is the ability for us to speak to many of you in person at the Esri Showcase. This year was no different and the ArcGIS Enterprise team was busy … Continue reading

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Fast display of beautiful symbology in ArcGIS Online

Crash Rate Trends

ArcGIS Pro allows you to create beautiful maps with complex and interesting symbology! Here are some tips for maximizing the display performance of your maps and data in ArcGIS Online.

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