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A Simple Checklist for Nominating Your Maps and Apps into the Living Atlas

The Living Atlas of the World

This checklist provides an easy guide for nominating your maps, apps, and data into the Living Atlas of the World. This places your content among the best of ArcGIS Online, making users more likely to choose your authoritative contributions.

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World Imagery Updates (April 2017)


In our tireless quest to enhance our World Imagery map, we have released several more updates to our imagery this month.  This includes another large batch of updates with DigitalGlobe imagery for parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and … Continue reading

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What’s New in Basemaps (April 2017)


Our Community Program contributors have added new and updated map layers to Esri’s Online Basemaps. There is new and updated content for 31 communities, spanning 3 continents. They include several counties, metropolitan areas, and facility sites in Africa, Australia, Europe, … Continue reading

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Global Elevation Analysis Services Enhanced with Higher Resolution Data

Profile App

The ArcGIS Online global elevation analysis services were updated last week to include 10 meter resolution elevation data for Norway, Finland, Denmark, Austria, and Spain. The updated services include Viewshed, Profile, and Summarize Elevation. Previously, elevation data for these areas … Continue reading

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Use Web AppBuilder to create configurable app templates


Once you’ve authored a map, you can complete the user experience by creating a web app. You can create a web app by choosing from a pre-established collection of  configurable app templates, or using Web AppBuilder to create a custom … Continue reading

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New Wilderness Layers in the Living Atlas

Wilderness Feature Service

We recently released two new Wilderness layers: The USA Wilderness feature layer and USA Wilderness imagery layer provide access to a map of 765 designated Wilderness Areas that protect over 109 million acres in 44 states and Puerto Rico. USA … Continue reading

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Creating a Custom Widget for Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS using the Report Class


This blog post was contributed by Artemis Fili, a Technical Lead (SDK Team) in Technical Support Services at the Esri Redlands, CA office.

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An Introduction to Environmental Screening


The Environmental Screening solution enables interested parties to evaluate potential impacts to the natural environment based on proposed projects or development initiatives. The application uses Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS and a new widget, the Screening widget, to analyze your environmental … Continue reading

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Launch a Story Map at a specific place


Story Maps are designed for storytelling, and typically stories are enjoyed as authored; following along from intro to epilogue. But there are some story maps that are more like collections of short stories, and other cases where you might want … Continue reading

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Launch a Story Map Series at a specific entry


Story Map Series is a very useful story map template, ideal for presenting a series of maps and media sequentially using several different layout options: tabs, numbered bullets, or an expandable side accordion. Examples include Protecting Idaho’s Waters, Fast Food Nation, and … Continue reading

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