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Workforce for ArcGIS is coming soon!


Maximizing the efficiency of your field workforce is key to a successful mobile strategy and with the introduction of Workforce for ArcGIS now you can plan, monitor and streamline field to office workflows using the ArcGIS platform.

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Understanding Esri Vector Basemap File Structure


The ArcGIS Content development team has (and still does!) put a lot of work into creating a comprehensive set of basemaps to help you as an ArcGIS user to show off your work, but, much as we would like to, … Continue reading

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Announcing the Story Maps Developers’ Corner


Esri’s Story Maps Team has a new resource for developers. It’s published on the blogging site Medium, and we call it the Story Maps Developers’ Corner. Whether you can write JavaScript classes in your sleep or are only comfortable editing … Continue reading

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Modify configurable app using custom css

The configuration panel for the Basic Viewer template provides options to customize the appearance of the application to fit your needs. We covered how to configure this app a few months ago in this post.

Occasionally we get requests asking how to make additional customizations like:

  • Change the text color for  the title.
  • Increase the font size for text
  • Modify the font color for the search widget placeholder text

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Accessing secure OGC services with ArcGIS Online

OGC services provide a great mechanism for achieving Interoperability. While OGC services are generally targeted for open environments, it is also true that many organizations disseminate “high value” information products using secure OGC protocols; secured using basic, digest or Integrated Windows authentication. In the past, ArcGIS Online had no options for dealing with these secure OGC web  services. With the latest release of ArcGIS Online, it is now possible for organizations to Continue reading

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Customize Esri Vector Basemap Boundaries and Labels

Local Language Labels

In an earlier post, we described how you can customize the Esri vector basemaps (now in beta release).  In that post, we provided an example of changing the colors for an existing map style to create a different look for … Continue reading

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Updates to the Imagery, Topographic, and Streets Basemaps Available!


The latest ArcGIS Online release includes new and updated content from our user community. Thank you to our Contributors and Partners who help support the Living Atlas of the World by providing data and enriching these amazing resources.  This release incorporates new and … Continue reading

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What’s New in Esri Demographics (November 2015)


Esri Demographic content was updated with the November 2015 ArcGIS Online release. The following is a compilation of those updates. The Canadian data from Environics Analytics was updated to 2015. This data includes expanded demographic attributes and all-new themes such … Continue reading

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What’s New in ArcGIS Online (November 2015)


It’s time to refresh your browser - ArcGIS Online has been updated with the following new features and enhancements. This release includes updates and new capabilities for organization administration, smart mapping, configurable apps, content, and more. For additional details see the … Continue reading

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How to Customize Esri Vector Basemaps

Create Custom Style for Vector Basemap

As described in this earlier post, Esri has introduced a new set of vector basemaps (now in beta release).  These vector basemaps offer several benefits (e.g. fast to download, look great on high-res displays, smaller and easier to update, etc), … Continue reading

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