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ArcGIS Earth adds Geocoding in ArcGIS Online, raster and 3D model insert, and an Automation API


ArcGIS Earth 1.6 focused on expanding the range of workflows that users can accomplish with Earth to allow more enterprise productivity.  The release of ArcGIS Earth 1.6 enables users to batch geocode address files against ArcGIS Online, adds local raster … Continue reading

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Are you getting GPU errors while executing the Viewshed 2 tool?


The Viewshed 2 tool is a visibility analysis tool released in ArcGIS 10.3 and ArcGIS Pro 1.0. The tool takes advantage of a GPU processor by default if one is available on your computer. As GPU graphics cards are commonly … Continue reading

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Configurable Apps Announcement – Public Gallery Template Moving to Mature Support Phase with September Update of ArcGIS Online


In the upcoming September 2017 Release of ArcGIS Online, the Public Gallery Template will move into the Mature phase of the Product Lifecycle  and will be removed from the default Configurable Apps Gallery. The Public Gallery Template displays apps and web maps … Continue reading

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Producing a Story Map in Multiple Languages


Authors sometimes need to publish a story map in more than one language to effectively reach everyone in their intended audience. For example, employees of governments with two official languages may be required to publish content in both languages. Below … Continue reading

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Working with Fonts and Sprites: Being Creative with Esri Vector Tiles


For an interactive version of this blog click here. Vector Tile Layers are used to create multi-scale maps that are efficient, high-resolution and customizable. Since they became available the Esri Living Atlas Content Team has built vector tile versions of … Continue reading

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3D GIS – Post UC Recap


The 2017 Esri User Conference has come and gone, leaving us buzzing with ideas and excitement on how to bring back the latest in GIS to our respective organizations. Hopefully, you found time to stop by the 3D GIS Showcase, attend … Continue reading

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What makes ArcGIS Pro so… ‘Pro’?

ArcGIS for Desktop ArcMap ArcGIS Pro

I think I can speak for all members of the ArcGIS Pro team when I say, one of the most common questions we get is “What is so special about ArcGIS Pro?”  In the moment, it is pretty easy to … Continue reading

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Calculating density on a network: a comparison of Network KDE and Planar KDE


Check out this Story Map on a spatial data exploratory analysis of vehicle crashes in Richmond City, Virginia that identifies hazardous road segments (hotspots) using both Network Kernel Density Estimation (KDE) and Planar KDE methods for eight different bandwidths.

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Producing the “Big Dams” Story Map


Last week the Esri story maps team published “Big Dams: Boon or Bane?” featuring a gallery of the world’s largest dams. Although our team’s main role is to create and update Story Map apps for the benefit of our growing … Continue reading

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Updated Vector Basemaps and New mapstyler (August 2017)


With this latest update, there is a handful of news to report on the Esri Vector Basemaps. The vector maps now display at larger scales. There’s a new styling app called mapstyler. Data contributions from more than two dozen communities were added … Continue reading

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