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What’s New in ArcGIS Online? Firefly!


Yes! Those curious glowing symbols that we just can’t look away from are now available right out of the box in ArcGIS Online…starting now. Now all that Firefly goodness is at your fantastic GIS-slinging cartographically-inclined fingertips. Go forth. How? Any … Continue reading

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What’s New in Operations Dashboard (December 2017)


At-a-glance decision making with Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS We are very excited to announce that Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS has moved out of beta and is now released! It is included with your ArcGIS Online subscription and will be available … Continue reading

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What’s New in ArcGIS Online (December 2017)


ArcGIS Online has just been updated with the following new features and enhancements. This release includes a more flexible user experience for managing and discovering content, Insights for ArcGIS, administrative enhancements, and other improvements throughout the site. For additional information … Continue reading

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Trucking ETA’s Just Got More Accurate


What helps you model complex parameters such as live traffic, trucking speed limits, and now maximum vehicle speed, all within the same route?  The answer is ArcGIS Online! Many vehicles cannot exceed a certain speed. This could be a manufacturer’s … Continue reading

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Suppress Low Counts and Still Create Informative Web Maps with Pop-ups


As much as we like authoring web maps full of data, there are times when we need to suppress low counts, even if they’re right there in the layer’s tabular data. Whether you’re working with the source data, or you’re … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Hub updates for December 2017: Cards, Perspectives and Teams

ArcGIS Hub Community Dashboard

ArcGIS Hub is a platform for public engagement and citizen collaboration. We update the product regularly to add new features, improve existing capabilities, and fix bugs. Since we launched ArcGIS Hub there have been a lot of large, and small, … Continue reading

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Promote Your Electronic Store in NYC


Management wants proof that enough consumer demand exists in Manhattan to justify a new electronics store — and the map you make could determine whether the investment is worth the risk. In a new Learn ArcGIS lesson, you will open … Continue reading

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Help Tour Guides Track Whales in Costa Rica


Tour guides and boat captains off Costa Rica need your help with tracking a declining population of humpback whales as they convert from using pen and paper to Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS. To reverse the drop, the local population — … Continue reading

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Coming Soon! Updates to Esri Vector Basemaps


The Esri Vector Basemaps are scheduled to be updated next week. See What’s New in Esri Vector Basemaps (December 2017) for information related to this update.Specific improvements to the vector basemaps in this release and how to take advantage of the changes … Continue reading

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The National Land Cover Database in the Living Atlas


Need some land cover data or maps in your project? Simply connect to the 2014 revision of the National Land Cover Database (NLCD) through the Living Atlas of the World. Using the most recent NLCD datasets, Esri has built six … Continue reading

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