Category: ArcGIS Online Has the Living Atlas Swimming in Ocean Data

Living Atlas Oceans

Contributions to ArcGIS Content Delivers Real-Time Data and Increases Government Efficiency “The make it once, use it many times model guarantees that our users have access to the most current data and it increases the efficiency among all levels of … Continue reading

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Workforce for ArcGIS (Android Beta 0.2.0)


On Wednesday October 4th 2016, we released our final beta update of Workforce for ArcGIS on the Android platform. Yes we are getting close to release. You can still join the beta program and get an early start on using … Continue reading

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Map Your Voters Before the Next Election

Map Voter Data to Plan Your Campaign

Want to win your next election? In a new Learn ArcGIS lesson, you will learn how GIS could help you outmaneuver your rivals on the political battlefield.

In Map Voter Data to Plan Your Campaign, you will assume the role of a campaign manager researching voters for an upcoming election that includes southern Howard County in the U.S. state of Maryland. You will start the lesson by creating a map and geocoding a spreadsheet with the addresses of your potential voters. You will then download a layer of Tapestry Segmentation, developed by Esri as a way to classify American neighborhoods into 67 unique market segments based on a variety of demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. By researching Tapestry, you will learn more about the lifestyles and living standards of your voters as well as gain insight into their values and the issues they care about. Inferences could range from housing costs and college expenses to smartphone taxes and charity giving. Continue reading

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Building the Forest Atlases with Open Data and Open Source


Open Data and GIS improve forest management in the Congo Basin By Thomas Maschler and Asa Strong from World Resources Institute Open data enables citizens and communities around the world to engage in important societal and environmental issues. Besides stimulating … Continue reading

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Control vertical exaggeration and image properties in ArcGIS Earth 1.3


Download ArcGIS Earth 1.3 now! ArcGIS Earth users can now do more with terrain, imagery, and KML in version 1.3, in addition to personalization and authentication improvements. Vertical Exaggeration Control In ArcGIS Earth 1.3, users will now see an on … Continue reading

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Esri Updates World Topographic Map with Community Contributions


This basemap release includes new Community Map contributions to the World Topographic Map. Areas with new and updated content include several cities, counties and facility sites in the United States and the country of Suriname. Much of this release includes 32 counties … Continue reading

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Getting Started with ArcGIS Online’s Feature Layer Template Gallery

Hosted feature template gallery

With the addition of 35 hosted feature layer templates and redesign of ArcGIS Online’s feature layer template gallery, it is even easier to get started with ArcGIS. Using the feature layer templates, you can discover layer templates for your industry … Continue reading

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Esri Maps for IBM Cognos 6.1.1 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Esri Maps for IBM Cognos v6.1.1.

Esri Maps for IBM Cognos 6.1.1 offers significant updates and enhancements for report authors, consumers, and administrators. Continue reading

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What’s New in Configurable Apps (September 2016)

whats new

The September update to ArcGIS Online is predominantly focused on fixing current issues with the product, but also introduces some new functionality.  There are a few key additions and improvements with configurable apps that are worth mentioning.  There are updates to … Continue reading

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Scene Layers and the I3S specification at work across the ArcGIS Platform

I3S scene layer used for vegetation

New capabilities for cross-platform 3D data distribution and visualization Authors: Chris Andrews, Pascal Müller, Johannes Schmid, Tamrat Belayneh, Dragan Petrovic, Sud Menon One of the most exciting developments at the 2016 Esri User Conference was watching the sudden awareness in … Continue reading

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