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World Imagery Updates for Africa and More


Earlier this month, we announced several updates to the World Imagery basemap as part of the March updates to ArcGIS Online.  Well, those updates are continuing and this week we have released another large batch of updates with DigitalGlobe and … Continue reading

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How to Make Smart Color Choices in Your Maps


As the map-maker, you are the most valuable tool when creating a narrative around your data. An important way to get the intended reaction out of your audience is to be conscious about what colors you use in your map. … Continue reading

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Enable Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Developer Edition to work with CA signed Certificates


This blog post was contributed by Craig Cleveland, a Solution Engineer on the National Government Team in the Esri Washington, DC office.

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Using Living Atlas subscriber content in public maps and apps


The Living Atlas of the World is a collection of thousands of maps, data, imagery, tools, and apps produced by Esri and its partners, as well as ArcGIS users worldwide. It is a curated subset of ArcGIS Online items contributed and maintained … Continue reading

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Updating your hosted feature services with ArcGIS Pro and the ArcGIS API for Python

Many organizations share public maps on ArcGIS online and have defined a process to update and synchronize the feature layers from their local data. One method is well defined using ArcMap; you select the option to overwrite the hosted feature layers when publishing your updates back to ArcGIS online. In 2013 and 2014 we explained how you could update your hosted feature services automatically, at a prescribed time, using Python. In the spirit of this incredibly popular workflow to schedule updates, this blog will provide simpler Python code to update services using ArcGIS Pro 1.4 and the new ArcGIS API for Python.

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Try something in 3D


Working in 3D can help you extend your 2D maps to communicate with a more human voice. You can present more realistic objects within the context of the real world, removing interpretation and driving more informed decisions faster, especially with … Continue reading

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Survey123 for ArcGIS 2.0 Beta Program is now open

Survey123 for ArcGIS Icon

. . Survey123 for ArcGIS version 2 is in the making and we invite you to actively participate through our Survey123 Beta Program. Our plan is to release version 2.0 in April 2017, but this program gives you early access … Continue reading

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What’s New in GeoPlanner for ArcGIS (March 2017 Update)

GeoPlanner for ArcGIS helps planning professionals design and test scenarios in 2D and 3D. Real-time dashboards, a simple sketching environment, evaluation tools and project and data sharing allow you to visualize different planning alternatives and make better decisions about land use, economic development and resource allocation. We recently updated the app to allow you to visualize and plan in 3D! Check out the following to understand what’s new:

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Using Your Organization’s Shared Theme in Story Maps


A shared theme is a new feature of the March 2017 release of ArcGIS Online that allows administrators to configure a logo and color palette for consistent branding of configurable apps created by members of their organization. This post will … Continue reading

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ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.3 and 3.20 released


We are excited to announce the releases of both the 4.3 and 3.20 versions of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Version 4.3 continues to build upon its current functionality and bring existing features from 3.x into 4 while also introducing … Continue reading

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