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05/24/10–We are pleased to announce that is now in public beta. This new site has
replaced and includes a number of new features and improvements that we invite you to explore.

At the site, you can browse featured ArcGIS Online content such as maps and applications published by ESRI and the ArcGIS community, and add comments and ratings. You can upload and share your own items, either with specific groups that you created or are a member of, or you can share your items publicly. Use the newly designed Web Mapping application
to quickly create online mashups that you can also share with others.

ArcGIS Explorer Online can also be started from You may already be familiar with the ArcGIS Explorer desktop application; ArcGIS Explorer Online is similar in appearance to the desktop version of ArcGIS Explorer, and has some of the same capabilities, but it’s a lighter weight version that works in a browser, and is built using Microsoft Silverlight. It’s tightly integrated with ArcGIS Online, and you can directly access basemaps and other content to create, save, and share your ArcGIS Explorer maps which can include presentations and more.

If you have uploaded items and created groups through, you will now be able to access your content at Simply sign-in with your existing ESRI Global Account login and you will find everything you contributed under My Content and Groups.

If you have questions, please contact us in the ArcGIS Online forums.

-The ArcGIS Online Team

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ArcGIS Online Web site Maintenance on May 22

05/20/10–In preparation for the public beta release of, the ArcGIS Online Web site will be unavailable on Saturday May 22 from approximately 8am PDT to 12pm PDT. The maintenance period is necessary to support the upgrade of the ArcGIS Online Web site and underlying database to the new site.

After the upgrade the existing links will be redirected to All content and groups previously on ArcGIS Online at will be available on at

During this Web site maintenance period, you will continue to have access to ArcGIS Online map services ( and
and task services ( and
which are maintained separately.

Thank you for your patience

-The ArcGIS Online team

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05/14/10–Many of you have been using the ArcGIS Online Web site at Soon, the site will be moving to to bring you an even better online GIS experience.

The new site will include a newly designed map, a gallery of featured maps and applications from the ArcGIS community, and tighter integration with other ArcGIS clients. is now your Web view into ArcGIS. ArcGIS Online is not going away; it is still the online component of ArcGIS and will be accessible through

In the next few weeks, we will release an open public beta of and plan to release a final version by early summer. If you are an existing user of the ArcGIS Online Web site, there is nothing you need to do in preparation for this release. All your content and groups will be moved to and we’ll be providing redirects for the site and all the item URLs. The Web site may be offline for a short time during this transition period. We will post any related announcements as we get closer to our release date.

If you have questions or concerns about the release, please contact us in our forums.

-The ArcGIS Online team

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ArcGIS Online group for Gulf oil spill response

05/03/10–An ArcGIS Online group has been created to support the Gulf oil spill response efforts. You can find the group by visiting ArcGIS Online, searching for groups and entering keywords such as “gulf” or “oil spill” (or just click on the image shown below):


At the site you’ll find a growing number of resources including Web apps, links to map services, information on services directories, and more.


Contents are being updated regularly. More information plus an interactive oil spill map can be found at the ESRI Gulf oil spill disaster response site.

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ArcGIS Online World Topographic Map updated with U.S. and local data

04/30/10–The World Topographic Map (World_Topo_Map) was updated to
include large-scale data for Arkansas and additional detailed local data for
Washington, D.C.

The new data for Arkansas includes coverage from a scale
of 575,000 down to 9,000 for the state and down to 4,000 for Washington County.
The data was provided by the State of
through the ESRI
Community Maps Program
. See the recent post about Community Basemaps and the Community Maps Program for information on how the program has made the World Topographic Map a Community Basemap.

The detailed city map for Washington, D.C., was updated with
additional detail including more detailed street/curb lines, driveways, and
sidewalks. This large-scale map was updated with data
provided by the District of
Columbia Geographic Information System (DCGIS)

For details on the new and updated coverage, view the list of Current World Topographic Map

If you have previously used this service, you may need to clear your cache in
order to see the updates.

If you have feedback or comments about the updates, please post them to our

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Sharing ArcGIS Desktop content

4/28/10-You may find some content in ArcGIS Online that doesn’t work as expected in your ArcGIS Desktop application. A common reason is that the content owner has shared a map or layer without sharing the underlying data. Layer files (lyr) and map documents (mxd) are especially prone to this. If you open one of these files in your ArcGIS Desktop application and see missing layers, check the underlying data sources to see if you have access to them. If you don’t, one solution is to search ArcGIS Online for the same information but in a format that is better for sharing. Layer packages, map services, and Web maps are especially good choices.

If you own content that you want to share in ArcGIS Online, consider your audience and consider your format. If you want to share with everybody, make sure everybody will have access to the data your content references. If you upload a map document or layer that you have not
packaged, the item does not contain data. This means that someone using
your map or layer needs access to the data associated with it. A better alternative is to share layer packages, map services, and Web maps.

Layer packages are a good alternative to sharing map
documents and layer files because they contain both the layer and data
contents. For more information about adding layer packages, see ArcGIS Online Help.

Map services from ArcGIS Server are another excellent way to
share your content. As long as you have your services on a
publicly-available server, you can reference and share them in ArcGIS
Online. For more information on adding services, see ArcGIS Online Help.

Web maps are an especially good choice for sharing content because you view them in a Web browser; no desktop application is needed. You build these maps in ArcGIS Online using your own map services or services that
others have shared. For more information about creating Web maps, see ArcGIS Online Help.

For more tips on sharing, see our previous blog post, Tips for sharing your maps and Web mapping applications.

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Community Basemaps and the Community Maps Program

04/07/10–The World Topographic basemap, one of the many basemaps you can use directly via ArcGIS Online, is a true worldwide community basemap with contributions from a variety of users such as the USGS, EPA, and users and organizations worldwide. At recent conferences we’ve showcased content that has been contributed from local governments, such as the area shown below with detailed data from the City and County of San Francisco.


But the detailed contributions aren’t limited to urban areas and contributions from local governments. For example, here’s a detailed view of the topo basemap in Yosemite Valley with data contributed by Yosemite National Park including buildings, trails, place names, and detailed terrain data.

And the contributions are also from a variety of international sources. Here’s a section across Canmore, Alberta, which is a sampling of the topographic basemap that’s been developed across all of Canada.

ESRI Canada developed the basemap from the best available sources including Natural Resources Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and others. The large scale topographic map template, available from the map template gallery on the ArcGIS resource center, was used to plug-in data and enable it to be seamlessly merged into the existing basemap with the same cartographic style. 

In addition to the World Topographic basemap, the World Imagery and World Street basemaps also include contributions from the user community. Here’s an example from the World Streets basemap showing detailed data obtained from local providers and compiled by ESRI China (Hong Kong) using the street map template.

The Community Maps Program offers a framework for your organization to contribute geographic content. If you’d like to participate in the program read the description and download the participation form to get started. We’ll be highlighting new content from users as it becomes available here on the blog.

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04/02/10–Yesterday at Where 2.0 in San Jose, Jack Dangermond and Jeremy Bartley introduced to an enthusiastic audience. will be publicly accessible soon. For more videos and the latest information check out the info site.

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ArcGIS online and Explorer – DevSummit plenary review

03/25/10–Take a tour of the new features in ArcGIS online and ArcGIS Explorer Online – here’s a video of Jeremy Bartley’s presentation at the Developer Summit plenary.

You can also view the Business Partner Conference plenary video covering many of the same topics.

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ArcGIS online and – BPC plenary review

03/25/10–At the opening of the ESRI 2010 Business Partner Conference (BPC), Jack Dangermond introduced the vision for online GIS and (currently in internal beta, but soon to be released as a public beta). This video from the BPC plenary session showcases some of the recent changes to ArcGIS online basemaps, and introduces some exciting new applications that will be part of and the ArcGIS online experience.


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