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Landsat Services Update


Scheduled Release Date:  April 11, 2018 Our upcoming release of Landsat Image Services includes some noteworthy updates… Improvements Revised scaling.  The Top of Atmosphere (TOA) reflectance values (which range from 0 – 1 by default) will now be scaled using a … Continue reading

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Updating web map layers to use HTTPS

ArcGIS Online

One of the features introduced with last December’s update to ArcGIS Online is the ability to update the layers in your web map to use HTTPS. With a cloud based SaaS such as ArcGIS Online, using HTTPS for communication over the … Continue reading

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Announcing ArcGIS Earth 1.7 Beta Release


ArcGIS Earth 1.7 Beta is now available. ArcGIS Earth is an experience for browsing a variety of spatial data for non-GIS specialists. While online, ArcGIS Earth connects directly to the ArcGIS platform allowing users to leverage the Web GIS pattern, … Continue reading

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Top 5 Questions about Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS & Esri Dev Summit report


We had a very busy Esri Developer Summit last week. It was great to meet and talk with many users about Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS in the exhibit showcase, after our technical sessions, and during the social events.

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Configurable Apps Announcement – Maps and Apps Gallery Moving to Mature Support Phase with April Release of ArcGIS Online


In the upcoming April  Release of ArcGIS Online, the Maps and Apps Gallery will move into the Mature phase of the Product Lifecycle  and will be removed from the default Configurable Apps Gallery. The Maps and Apps Gallery displays apps and web maps … Continue reading

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Announcing the ArcGIS Online User and Item History Log Early Adopters Community!


Calling All ArcGIS Online Administrators! Have you been looking for a way to get more insight into what is happening in your organization and answer questions like: Who created an item? When was an item shared publicly? Deleted? What modifications … Continue reading

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Contribute Your Campus Data to Esri’s Community Program!


Community Maps contributors have made it clear, and we’ve noticed. Colleges and universities all over the world want their campus on the map. There has been a rather impressive increase in the number of campuses that want to share their … Continue reading

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Announcing support for Spike in Survey123 for ArcGIS


[Content originally posted in the Survey123 for ArcGIS GeoNet Group] We are happy to announce support for Spike in Survey123 for ArcGIS.  Spike is a laser-based measurement solution by Esri partner ikeGPS.   What makes Spike unique is that it allows … Continue reading

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Collector for ArcGIS (Windows 10) updated!


On Monday, March 12th, we released an update to Collector on the Windows 10 platform. Version 18.0.1 is a small, focused bug-fix update that addresses a number of issues that are affecting customers. You can find the list of specific … Continue reading

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2016 World Population Estimate Services are now Available


We are pleased to announce the availability of an update to the World Population Estimate layers. World Population Estimate 2016 World Population Estimate Density 2016 World Settlement Score 2016 World Population Estimate Confidence 2016 This update was produced during 2017, using … Continue reading

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