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Impervious Surface Mapping Using Pro 1.4 – Part 2: Classification

Initial classification map containing all classes

Impervious surface maps are used for important storm water management operations such as helping to identify Best Management Practices for removing pollution from storm water runoff, determining storm water utility fees on a parcel basis, or flood control and emergency … Continue reading

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Impervious Surface Mapping using Pro 1.4 – Part 1: Georeferencing


ArcGIS Pro combines powerful image processing, analysis and visualization capabilities with a practical user interface to enable efficient project workflows.  The Imagery tab is the home for image processing workflows and tasks, such as georeferencing and image classification.

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Check Out the New Version of Full Motion Video for ArcMap


Esri released version 1.3.2 of the Full Motion Video add-in (FMV), including new features and updated support for ArcMap 10.3 to 10.5. The FMV add-in is free for customers current on ArcGIS Desktop maintenance.

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New! 3DR Solo metadata integrated into Esri FMV!


Esri and 3DR partnered to create a metadata file suitable for input into the Esri FMV Video Multiplexer tool to create MISB-compliant videos.  Flight and sensor metadata from the 3DR Solo drone is recorded into a TXT file, which can … Continue reading

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Tutorial for Full Motion Video 1.3.1 is available for download!


There was a lot of interest in Esri FMV during the recent Esri UC 2016 conference. And this interest has only escalated since the release of the FMV 1.3.1 Add-In for Desktop 10.3.x, and 10.4.x. Esri has posted a tutorial … Continue reading

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Making ‘Landsat on AWS’ Accessible

Unlock Earth's secrets

Amazon has announced the availability of Landsat on Amazon Web Services. Esri is actively participating in this initiative. Under this program, Amazon will host 1 petabyte of Landsat imagery from USGS on the Amazon Web Services Cloud. Esri has created … Continue reading

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What’s new with Raster in 10.2


Our main focus on the Raster Team for the ArcGIS 10.2 release was to improve the quality of the software with an eye towards developing an easier user experience.  So most of what is new is either under the hood, … Continue reading

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Image Analysis Window using multiple inputs

Image Analysis Window using multiple inputs

When you have the Table of Contents open along with the Image Analysis Window, you’ll notice that the order is the same in both. Move an image up in the TOC and it will move up in the Image Analysis … Continue reading

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UC 2013 Imagery Event Planner


Are you interested in imagery? Are you attending the 2013 Esri User Conference?

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Change raster band combinations within the TOC


A few weeks ago, the Imagery blog showed you how you can use the TOC to change the color ramp of the raster layer.  This week we will show you that you can do something similar, when changing the band … Continue reading

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