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MGRS/USNG Coordinates to Web Map Made Easy


Have you ever received files containing coordinates in Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) or United States National Grid (USNG) format and wondered… “what now?  Can I use these coordinate values as easily as I use XY values?”  If so, we … Continue reading

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Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS — July Update

Activity Dashboard for ArcGISEarlier this year, Esri Labs released the Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS – a new, free web application available to all organizations from the ArcGIS Marketplace.  In our initial blog post we announced the application and shared its design goal of providing platform administrator’s a series of useful reports about their organization’s mapping platform.

We asked for your feedback and we heard many requests to add more platform usage and credit utilization information to the activity reports.  You asked for simple consolidated reports related to platform usage that includes content creation, collaboration, usage volume and credit utilization at the item and named user level where available.  Last night, Esri Labs released the July update of the Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS, and it contains many of the new reports, features and enhancements you have asked for.

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Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS Now Available

Activity Dashboard for ArcGISQuickly View Activity-Based Metrics and Real-Time Reports

Ever wonder how many web maps were created in your organization today, or how many services were registered and shared this week? Do you want to compare activity and use from this month with that from last month? Ever thought that it would be nice to see a quick snapshot of how many users are publishers, or how many users logged into the platform today? Do you know how many collaboration and sharing groups you have in your organization?

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