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New Whitepaper – ArcGIS Secure Mobile Implementation Patterns

White Paper

This whitepaper from the Esri Security Standards & Architecture team, presents common mobile deployment patterns with the ArcGIS Platform.  It covers both Cloud and on-premises implementations and discusses their security considerations. This 25 page paper is the culmination of input … Continue reading

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Struts Vulnerability Bandwagon


While we don’t have a habit of announcing when our products are NOT vulnerable to a specific security issue, sometimes IT teams pounce on the panic button (understandably) when they hear about a new critical vulnerability that hit the media mainstream.  … Continue reading

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Esri Privacy & Security Assurance Advancements

We are kicking off the beginning of the year with some significant privacy & security assurance improvements:

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Open-source Geoportal Server Security Patch


We recently patched a Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) vulnerability within Geoportal Server and posted the patch to GitHub. Current 1.2.7 installations should just apply the patch, whereas installations before 1.2.7 will need to upgrade to 1.2.7 and then apply this patch.  The … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Server and Portal Security 2017 Patches Released


The first set of security patches for ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS in 2017 were just released.   We recommend our customers apply these patches in a timely manner.  To be clear, there are separate security patches for ArcGIS Server and … Continue reading

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Portal for ArcGIS Security Patch (2016 Update2)


The second security patch for ArcGIS Server in 2016 was released in May, and now the second security patch of Portal for ArcGIS in 2016 is being released (hence the name 2016 Update2).   We recommend our customers apply this patch in a timely … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Server Security Patch (2016 Update2)


Esri has released a significant security update for ArcGIS Server and we recommend our customers apply this patch in a timely manner.  Key security patch components are: 1.) Cumulative, containing fixes from the 2016 Update1 Linux security patch (there was … Continue reading

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What do SSL, TLS, PCI, and DROWN have in common with ArcGIS?

Find out in our newly released ArcGIS Platform SSL/TLS Support and Configuration Briefing. If you have questions about any of the security items in the title of this post and ArcGIS products, whether past versions or current, we suggest you check it out.

NOTE: Even if you don’t know or care about these various acronyms, but you want to ensure the most secure ArcGIS deployment possible, it is worthwhile to check out the briefing for focused, secure architecture and configuration enlightenment based on real-world deployments.

Let us know what you think of this briefing – We have more in the queue and welcome your feedback/suggestions to SecureSoftwareServices@Esri.com.

- The Security Standards & Architecture Team

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Encryption Certificate Updates Coming


We are happy to announce that our update of ArcGIS Online transport encryption certificates to a stronger hashing algorithm will be complete December 2nd, 2015.  Specifically, we are transitioning from SHA-1 to SHA-256 certificates (also referred to as SHA-2). Why? … Continue reading

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Global Privacy Requirements

On October 6, 2015 the European Court of Justice declared that Safe Harbor alone is no longer considered adequate privacy assurance by itself for customers requiring EU’s data protection of personal data.  Media ran to the presses with the issues this might entail for European customers of US-based data holdings, however the UK Information Commissioner was quick to state “Keep calm, Safe Harbor is not the only route.”

To ensure our customers know what privacy assurance is available now and what we are working on, we have updated our Privacy overview page on our Trust site. We are strong advocates of your privacy and believe these efforts will help to ensure you remain in compliance with EU law.

Though Privacy is not called out as a specific fundamental right in the United States today, as it is by the EU, this is an area of active change as evidenced by the recent passage of the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CalECPA).  Previously, California privacy law did not cover electronic devices or digitally stored information, so now a warrant is required for the government to access electronic information – a step the EU considers the right direction.

Bottom line, some customers might want to utilize mechanisms in the short-term to help fulfill privacy regulation requirements such as Consent, EU Model Clauses, and even deployment models.  Esri plans to support Safe Harbor 2.0 when it is released to ensure we can all work together in the most effective manner and provide assurance to the privacy and security of our customers around the globe.

- The Security Standards & Architecture Team

Esri’s Trust site Privacy Summary
EU Model Clauses
EU FAQ’s To Understand Personal Data Transfer Requirements
Overview of new CalECPA Privacy Law

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