Michael Dangermond

Michael Dangermond
Senior Digital Cartographer, ESRI

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Intelligent Maps Checklist: Thematic Image Services

Have you ever made a checklist for yourself to ensure that your thematic image service is not missing anything? No? Good news, we’ve done that for you. Feel free to use the checklist below, at least as a starting place. Continue reading

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GeoDescriber: Expanding the Reach of Geographic Information

Landscape description of Whanganui National Park, New Zealand.

Photo credit: James Shook. Text credit: GeoDescriber

Can your GIS talk?

Does it say the right things?

In the era of too much information, demand for a smart solution to automatically interpret data for a specific audience is rising. GIS is no exception. Maps help us understand the geography, but more is possible. That’s why I’m excited about something new we’ve been working on. We named it GeoDescriber. Continue reading

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Agricultural capability of soils web maps now on ArcGIS Online

by Michael Dangermond, Senior Digital Cartographer, Esri

Agricultural capabilityTwo new web map applications showing agricultural capability for the soils of the United States are now on ArcGIS Online: Agricultural Capability of Soils and Agricultural Capability of Soils with Prime Farmland.  Find out where the best agricultural lands are, and if there are any soil limitations.  Find out where to find Prime Farmland, which takes into consideration soil quality, growing season, and moisture supply needed for the agricultural productivity to sustainably produce high yields of crops.
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Soil hydrology web map with hydrologic group and hydric classification

by Michael Dangermond, Senior Digital Cartographer, Esri

Soil HydrologyThe Soil Hydrology of the United States Web Map Application brings some of the most important hydrologic soil properties together in one map.  Find hydrologic group codes for hydrologic and hydraulic models.  Find hydric soil information to determine wetland land classification. Find depth to the water table for groundwater analysis and well drilling operations.

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BETA release: Esri/NRCS Soil web map service and application

By Michael Dangermond, Esri Cartographic Product Engineer

Soils thumbnail

If you are like many of us, the extent of your expertise about soil is limited to how to get it out of your child’s clothing. Why not take a minute to think about how important soils are to life on this planet? When we close our eyes and think of living things in our environment, what we know about life is primarily learned from our experience on or above the surface of the earth. Consider this — soil, when healthy, teems with an immense community of living organisms. One estimate is that a hectare of soil supports about 20,000 kilograms of living things, which is approximately equal to the weight of 40 horses! (There is about 20 times this amount of non-living organic matter in the same volume of soil.) Although these living organisms make up only about 5% of soil organic matter, they are vital to many soil processes. Continue reading

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