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GeoDev Webinar: ArcGIS Hub


A few weeks ago, Patrick Hammons and I introduced ArcGIS Hub to our GeoDev community. During the hour, we chatted with almost 800 folks about the open source components that make up ArcGIS Hub and how to engage citizens. We … Continue reading

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Esri World Imagery in OpenStreetMap!


OpenStreetMap is a free, editable map built by volunteers largely from scratch and released with an open-content license. Since its inception, this global community has grown to over four million registered OSM users. The HOT (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team) in particular focuses … Continue reading

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Join us at MapsCamp July 9th @ the UN!


Esri is pleased to be sponsoring the inaugural Maps Camp on July 9th, 2016 at UN Headquarters in New York City. This low cost, single day event is one of over 30 OpenCamps that will bring together 6,000+ attendees excited about engaging with open … Continue reading

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Hacking with the kids in Alameda County!

On the weekend of May 2nd Esri had the pleasure of participating in the Alameda County Apps Challenge in Northern California. The County put together an awesome event, drawing nearly 200 people interested in hacking on the Open Data that they have made available.
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AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon – Showdown in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is obviously no stranger to gambling, but the first weekend in January more than usual flocked for a proverbial roll of the dice.

At the 2014 AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon, we watched over 600 cutting edge developers descend on the Palms Hotel and leverage location in their apps alongside smart watches, beacons, headsets, intelligent fabric and more. As always in Las Vegas, the stakes were high!

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Pan faster than you can say optimizePanAnimation

The 3.7 release of the JavaScript API was a big one, with many great new features. One thing we added was a new map configuration option called optimizePanAnimation. It was a single bullet point in a long list so a follow-up post was in order to explain why we added it and what it does.

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The abc’s of AMD


To help our JavaScript SDK users still grasping Dojo’s AMD pattern we thought it would be worthwhile to compare one of the ‘latest and greatest’ AMD samples to the same app written using the older legacy pattern and discuss the differences.

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