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What’s New in Smart Mapping (November 2015)

Change Style tool

The best maps answers specific questions. How are you using ArcGIS Online to ask, and answer, the specific questions that are most relevant to your organization? The November 2015 release of ArcGIS Online includes additional smart mapping options to help … Continue reading

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How to Contribute Maps to the Living Atlas of the World

How To Video

In this blog, you will see how to contribute your maps, apps, Story Maps, scenes and layers to the Living Atlas of the World. The focus is on how to use the new “contributor app” for the Living Atlas of … Continue reading

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Living Atlas Contributor App

Living Atlas Contribute App

You can soon now nominate your apps, maps and scenes for inclusion in the Living Atlas of the World. The Living Atlas Contributor app allows Esri customers, partners and staff to nominate their ArcGIS Online items (apps, maps, services and scenes) … Continue reading

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Making Better Maps, One Map at a Time


We’ve all been there – some real-world phenomenon has been observed and crunched into data, and now that data is ready to share on a map…this is the part where the map data has to be transformed into information. Maps can … Continue reading

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Updated Canvas Basemap Template Available

Canvas Template

A map template for the light gray canvas basemap and reference map is now available in ArcGIS Online and the Community Maps Resource Center. (UPDATE July 10, 2015: dark gray template also available now) The Light Gray Canvas Map Template … Continue reading

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New release of Thematic Atlas sample application

Example: Voter Atlas

There is a new version of the Esri Thematic Atlas available at http://atlas.esri.com. The Thematic Atlas sample application lets you showcase a collection of intelligent web maps, focused around specific themes. The Esri Thematic Atlas sample application uses web maps and the ArcGIS … Continue reading

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An intelligent map checklist

Figure 1: What you see in your MXD’s legend is what appears in your web map.  Avoid cryptic file names, field names and legend labels that report numbers but not context.  The legend in this example uses qualitative phrasing (e.g. “Great Increase”) as well as numeric (e.g. “More than 1.5%) because the audience likely has no idea what constitutes significant increases or decreases.

When you create an intelligent web map or map service, you are sharing something that you hope will stand on its own and be useful to others.  How can you deliver a map that is both attractive and useful for … Continue reading

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Adding demographic data from ArcGIS Online to your maps

By Jim Herries, Cartographic Product Engineer

Demographic Data - Thumb

We got a good question the other day on Ask a Cartographer, so we thought we would share the answer here as well:

“I’m a VERY novice GISer. I work for a fire department. My Chief wants me to be able to add demographic layers to our district map, but when I look around, the maps are all “Google Earth” types or PDF files, which I can’t do anything with. Where and how do I get demographic data I can add to my map as a layer?”

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How to fix ZIP codes from a CSV file

By Jim Herries, Esri Cartographic Product Engineer

ZIP Code Thumb.png

Comma-separated value (.CSV) files are sometimes used to import attribute data into ArcMap to join those attributes to existing map features, such as administrative boundaries (counties, states, provinces) and postal codes. However, chances are good that if you work with .CSV files you will run into the problem below at some point.

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FanMap™: Bracketography edition released

By Jim Herries, Esri Cartography Product Engineer

Bracketography thumbnail

This is the time of year in the U.S. when the college basketball season wraps up in a fury of games which are officially known as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, but more commonly referred to as “March Madness.” Fans of all ages race to complete their brackets and test their ability to pick which team will advance toward the Final Four and Championship games.

What do we know about the distribution of the fan base for these teams? The Mapping Center Team recently released FanMap™: Bracketography Edition to the public to see what could be discovered. We hope you’ll vote and pass the Web site information along to others.

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