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Web GIS for Connecting At-risk Youth with Health Services


Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Services (AHS) (teenhealthcare.org) is a NYC-based program that “delivers comprehensive, integrated medical and mental health services and prevention education to young people aged 10 to 22”, and the largest center of its kind in the U.S. … Continue reading

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what3words Overview – What it is, how it works

steven ramage

Guest Blog Post, Submitted by Steven Ramage from what3words “Addressing just got easier” Jack Dangermond A radical new user friendly system based on 3 simple words makes geographical information accessible to a wider global audience with ArcGIS. The geospatial industry … Continue reading

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DevSummit Tech Sessions and Other Activities – Tips


The 11th Annual Esri Developer Summit (#DevSummit) is next week and we hope to see you all there! Here are some tips for getting yourself ready: 1) Agenda Handout In your registration bag will be a small printed agenda handout … Continue reading

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Hack for San Diego

Photo Oct 10, 12 13 31 (1)

From October 3-10, San Diego State University hosted their first ever Big Data Hackathon, using the social media hashtag #Hack4SD. Their aim was the promote the development and data science and information technology solutions for San Diego on important civic … Continue reading

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The New ArcGIS Discussion Forums MVP Program

Have a question?  Want to talk GIS? Looking for some good ideas?  Jump into the conversation!

A few weeks back we rolled out some new features that we hope will improve the forums’ usefulness.  One of the new features is the ability for those who post questions in the forums to rate the replies.  In addition, any logged in user can also join in and vote on the various replies and conversations in order to help us identify the best information, helping you find good information more quickly.  Another huge benefit to the new voting tools is that it helps us all identify, recognize, and reward those forums users who contribute the most helpful information.

Until June 2010, our old discussion forums (now archived) supported what we called the “Forums MVP Program”.  Once every 6 months we would identify the Top 10 members of the community and make them eligible for MVP recognition and some valuable prizes. Continue reading

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New Features for the ArcGIS Discussion Forums

Have a question?  Want to talk GIS? Looking for some good ideas?  Jump into the conversation!

A few weeks back we rolled out some features that we hope will improve the forums’ usefulness.  To be candid, we’re sure many would say that some of these features should have been there since day one, or at least long overdue, but we listened to what you wanted and found a way to get them in there for you to use.

Let’s start with the big one…

Community Voting
If you read something and you like it, give it a thumbs up!

Now any forum user can let the community know where the good information is. How you do it is simple. If you read a post or a reply and you think it contains some really good information, click the “up” arrow on the right. This is similar to the “Like” button in Facebook.

If we all do this, then the best posts will bubble to the top. If you want to read the entire thread you can, but if you need to most quickly find the good stuff, look at the posts that have a high score.

There is also a “down” arrow, but you can only use that to “Unlike” something you previously Liked.

If you find “The Answer”, give it a check!

If you started a thread with a question, then whichever reply you think is the best, give it a check. That will mark your thread as “answered” for all to see, and it will give some MVP points to the person who wrote it.

Two birds with one stone
Clicking the checks and arrows has two benefits:
1.    You are helping everyone find the best information.
2.    You are helping everyone recognize the best contributors.

One of the great things about any community is the trust earned by those folks who share their experience and help others. Some pros out there are always going to stick out, but these new voting tools are going to help find others who are just as helpful and useful who you might not yet know.

Discussions versus Q&A

When you start a new thread, you can let everyone know if you’re starting a discussion or if you’re asking a specific question. Discussions show up in the thread list with a yellow “D” icon and questions with a red “Q”.

When the original poster or a moderator identifies one of the replies as the best answer, the “Q” icon turns into a green “A”.

This helps you find answers more quickly, and if you want to jump in and let everyone know what you think, this helps you more quickly find questions that haven’t been answered yet.

Private Messages
Most of the time an open public discussion is a great way to get the best information, but sometimes you may want to take it off-line.

Up on the menu is a “Private Messages” link. Click that to see your Inbox or to send direct messages to other users. Also, clicking their name anywhere in the forums provides a pop-up you can use to send a message to them if they’ve activated it.

You can use the “Forum Actions > User Control Panel” menu to control who can send you messages.  You can turn it completely on, completely off, or limited to just those users in your Contacts list.

New Badges
Badges are a great way to find those folks who have been around the block a time or two. Anyone with more than 200 posts in the forums becomes a “Senior Member”, and of course anyone on the forums who works for Esri is badged as “esri” with a globe logo.

And when you see someone with a “Forums MVP” badge, you know you’re talking with someone the community has said has the best information and is most dedicated to your success. These are folks who have been voted by the community to be in the Top 10 of all contributors during any previous six-month MVP rating period. And once you’re an MVP, you’re always an MVP.

And more importantly, now that the new community voting tools have been included, it’s time to roll out the new MVP program. Watch this blog post next week for a description of the new rules, new standards, and a list of awards you can earn through all of your good effort. So jump in and help us figure out who the players are; maybe it’s you!

What’s Next?
The Advanced Search page gives you a lot of flexibility to build a complex search.  What we’re working on next is giving you the ability to save that search definition. This will be good for bookmarking and sharing. We’ve also heard that most users participate in some forums a lot, some forums a little and others not at all. We are going to improve your “What’s New” page so that it only includes those forums you want to browse. If there are any other improvements you’d like to see, reply here, or jump into the conversation on the Resource Center Site Feedback forum.

Content for this post provided by Jim Barry

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Taking ArcGIS Viewer for Flex customization to the next level: Go Electric

I created an application to demonstrate how easily a Flex programmer could customize and extend the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex. We can leave the artsy design up to a graphic designer to create Flex skins. After integrating the design into the viewer, we can then concentrate the majority of our effort on tools and workflows that are critical to our business.

“Go Electric” is an enterprise application that allows Go Electric management to view their current electric car charging stations, and evaluate the market potential for new charging station locations. Go Electric is a fictitious company used to model a realistic scenario.

ArcGIS Viewer for Flex customizations in the Go Electric example

From the image above, you’ll notice that this Go Electric example includes some intriguing customizations:

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Enhanced map navigation for Mac OS X using ArcGIS API for JavaScript

With the release of OS 10.6 Snow Leopard and Lion OS, the Mac Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse allow you to interact with the system using touch gestures like tap, scroll and swipe. While not all gestures are passed on as native browser events, some gestures emit traditional browser scroll events that enable intuitive and powerful map exploration.

If you have a Mac with OS X 10.6 or greater, click here to view a demo that shows how to pan and zoom using the track pad gestures. The default behavior is pan, press the shift key to enter zoom mode.

Trackpad Zoom Gestures Trackpad Pan Gestures

Continue reading

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Are you using Visual Studio 2008 or prior?

An ArcGIS deprecation plan for versions of Microsoft Visual Studio prior to 2010 has been published.   See this post on the ArcGIS Desktop blog for more info.


- EDN Team

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Deadline extended: user presentations for DevSummit

Alright, alright you got me. 

What was I thinking making New Years Eve the deadline for abstract submission?  Let’s go with…


—> January 7th, 2011


…to make things a little easier for everyone.  Sure, easier for us too.

If you haven’t submitted yet, here is where to get started.

We have 18 open slots this year and 16 abstracts already submitted.  Some submitted in November but 10 of you threw your hat into the ring just in the past week so the pace is picking up.  If you’d like a speaking slot and you want to give the community a chance to vote on it and get you into the agenda, the time is now.  

The abstracts submitted so far look really good, so I’m already expecting the track will be even better than last year’s, no small feat.   But don’t let that intimidate you.  When it comes to your presentation, the simpler the topic, the more clear and useful it can be.  If it’s something you’ve learned or had success with, then for sure there’s someone out there who can learn from it too.

Happy Holidays!

- Jim Barry with the EDN Team

ps- As an extra thanks for you early birds, for those of you who did get yours in before 12/31, we’ll give you first dibs on the time and date of your slot.

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