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Global Evapotranspiration Data Added to Living Atlas

GLDAS Evapotranspiration 2000 - Present

Just because you can’t see evapotranspiration doesn’t mean you can’t map it. In fact, the Living Atlas of the World has long contained data about average annual evapotranspiration for the United States. Today that map is being deprecated and replaced … Continue reading

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Explore Climate Trends with the Water Balance App

Water Balance App in action

Most discussion of climate change has focused on temperature or sea level rise, but changes in freshwater availability will be an even larger challenge in many regions of the world. This topic is often ignored because it is difficult to … Continue reading

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Dartmouth Flood Observatory now in the Live Stream Gauge Map


In countries like the United States and Germany, federal agencies keep careful watch on the nation’s rivers, and disseminate their observations to the public. But in developing nations, many of the world’s major rivers remain un-gauged, despite the millions of … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Online Live Feeds Update

4-27-2016 6-00-48 PM

The Esri Live Feeds team has just released a new layer and added it to the ArcGIS Online Living Atlas, and also made some improvements to existing layers. In this post we will provide an overview of the updates. USA Weather … Continue reading

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Using Raster Processing Templates to Improve Your Pop-up Windows


Processing templates are a powerful tool for expanding the capabilities of image services. By chaining together a series of raster functions, they provide users with the capability to do on-the-fly analysis, such as converting units, finding anomalies, and calculating slope, … Continue reading

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Live Stream Gauges in the Living Atlas

Pop-up Screenshot

The static blue lines you see on a map don’t tell us much about what those rivers really look like on the ground. Flash floods kill more people each year than tornados, hurricanes, and lightning combined, while drought devastates entire … Continue reading

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World average annual evapotranspiration web map now available

by Daniel Siegel, Product Engineer, Esri

EvapotranspirationMost of us understand the hydrologic cycle in terms of the visible paths that water can take: rainstorms, rivers, waterfalls, swamps, etc.  However, an even larger volume of water flows through the air all around us in two invisible paths: evaporation and transpiration. They claim 61% of all terrestrial precipitation, and together are referred to as evapotranpsiration. In order to better understand this important process, Esri’s Mapping Center has produced a web map showing the world’s average annual evapotranspiration.

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