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ArcGIS for Developers: Improved ArcGIS REST API Documentation


As part of the continued improvement experience when accessing developer documentation, we have migrated the ArcGIS REST API documentation from the ArcGIS Resources site to its new home on the ArcGIS for Developers site. New Search, Organization and Updates The new design highlights search, a logical reorganization of … Continue reading

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ArcGIS for Developers: Build apps with over 30 new DevLabs!


Today we’re releasing over 30 new ArcGIS DevLabs to help you explore and build powerful geospatial apps. What are DevLabs? If you are new to the ArcGIS DevLabs, they are short tutorials that step you through the process of building geospatial … Continue reading

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Styler – Design and Share 2D and 3D Maps with a URL


With the latest release of ArcGIS Online and just in time for the UC, the Styler template got a major update. Styler is a new configurable app template that you can use to create and share 2D or 3D web map apps on-the-fly. What makes it different … Continue reading

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GeoDev: Designing Maps Before Building Apps

Map Viewer

Looking to improve productivity before writing code? Use ArcGIS platform tools (Map Viewer and Scene Viewer) as a way to design maps and scenes interactively for your custom apps. For more on this, click here.

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Styler: A new configurable app template for creating 2D and 3D map apps


Design, style, and share Creating and sharing great looking mapping apps just got easier! Just in time for the Developer Summit, there’s a new app template in town called Styler. If you look in the ArcGIS configurable apps gallery you’ll find one for … Continue reading

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Sneak peek of new Community page for developers

Looking to stay on top of what’s going on in the dev community? Well, you might want to bookmark the new page that will live at soon.

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2014 Winners – 100 lines or less of ArcGIS JS

HackathonThanks to everyone who participated in the 100 lines or less ArcGIS contest just before the Dev Summit.  This year we added a little spin by giving extra points to the best responsive mapping app – apps that worked well on multiple screen sizes and devices. Once again we used GitHub’s Fork – Push – Pull workflow to accept submissions which were flowing in right until the final hour. As always there were a ton of super-awesome apps submitted, but in the end, there were only three winners.  We demoed the apps live on stage just before Chris Wanstrath’s excellent GitHub keynote, but be sure to check them out yourself to see what you can do in 100 lines or less of ArcGIS JS!

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Under the hood: Sharing code with ArcGIS Online

Over the past few years, ArcGIS Online has become a giant hub for people to share everything “geo”.  This includes items such as maps, packages, data, services, csv files, and more recently, documents.

You might not have known that you can share code samples too.  That means if you have some Python or ArcObjects .NET code just lying around, or a new JavaScript library that you just wrote, you can upload them to the cloud and share them with the geo-world.

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10 open source projects every JavaScript geo dev should know about

Regardless of whether you’re a hacker or a well-seasoned developer, writing JavaScript geo apps from scratch takes some serious time, skill, and effort.  Thankfully there’s a few places you can go to get a head start, like the site.  There you’ll find over 170 geo projects on GitHub that are ready to go.  Most of the projects use the ArcGIS APIs and services to do something “geo”, but many integrate with other technologies as well, and others are pure JavaScript solutions.  The other cool thing is that they are all on GitHub, so if there’s a feature missing, it’s easy to make a pull request or log an issue to get it added!

Here are 10 projects that should help you get your JavaScript mapping apps out the door faster. Continue reading

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AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon – Showdown in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is obviously no stranger to gambling, but the first weekend in January more than usual flocked for a proverbial roll of the dice.

At the 2014 AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon, we watched over 600 cutting edge developers descend on the Palms Hotel and leverage location in their apps alongside smart watches, beacons, headsets, intelligent fabric and more. As always in Las Vegas, the stakes were high!

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