Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner
Andrew is the Director of the Esri R&D Center in Washington, DC. He and his team work on engineering innovative new web technology making GIS open and accessible to everyone. Andrew wrote the book on Neogeography, is a charter member of the OSGeo and OpenWeb foundations, has contributed to several open data standards, and other publications regarding geospatial business, community collaboration, feedback control system design, and even home automation. His education includes degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science. Follow Andrew on Twitter @ajturner or read his blog

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ArcGIS Open Data – 2014 Year in Review

ArcGIS Open Data 2014 Year in Review

Last year we announced ArcGIS Open Data as a free application for organizations using ArcGIS to publish their open data to the web. Our vision is to enable any organization to quickly and easily share data by using their existing … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Online supports GeoJSON


ArcGIS Online released a new update and added a long awaited feature for developers and other data users: support to publish and download as GeoJSON. GeoJSON was developed in 2008 through community discussion and consensus to include spatial data in … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Open Data production


Earlier this spring we announced and released Open Data .beta – an early version of the ArcGIS Open Data application that provides a data centric view into the ArcGIS platform meant for organizations to make their data easily accessible and … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Open Data .beta


We are excited to share ArcGIS Open Data to the public. Starting today any ArcGIS Online organization can enable open data, specify open data groups and create and publicize their open data through a simple, hosted and best practices web … Continue reading

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Preview of Open Data

Open Data Badge

Location provides a common context through which we can compare different domains of data in order to understand complex relationships. Government agencies gather this data as part of their mission and daily operations – but no one cares as much … Continue reading

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Google’s ArcGIS Toolbar for the Cloud


Our friends at Google released an integration with the ArcGIS Platform that enables users to access Google Maps Engine content within ArcGIS Desktop. Once the data is in ArcGIS Desktop, you can use all the advanced visualization and analysis capabilities … Continue reading

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Esri presentations, panels, and open-source projects at FOSS4G-North America

FOSS4G NA 2013 logo

This week a few members of the Esri team will be at the FOSS4G North America held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. FOSS4G-NA is yearly regional event of OSGeo – the Open Source Geospatial Foundation – highlighting community projects, open-source tools, and … Continue reading

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Going Open-Source with Esri

Lego USB - dolinski - 450291958

Esri builds tools to make decisions. The ArcGIS platform is the core of this system focused on geospatial data management, conversion, analysis, and visualization. This platform is built to be stable, secure, performant, scale, and provide the general capabilities that … Continue reading

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DC Development Center plans

GeoIQ Platform Image

A little more than a month ago our team from GeoIQ joined with Esri to create the Washington DC Development Center. We’ve been busy over that month defining our strategy and plans for working together with Esri. Our core mission … Continue reading

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