Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner
Andrew is the Director of the Esri R&D Center in Washington, DC. He and his team work on engineering innovative new web technology making GIS open and accessible to everyone. Andrew wrote the book on Neogeography, is a charter member of the OSGeo and OpenWeb foundations, has contributed to several open data standards, and other publications regarding geospatial business, community collaboration, feedback control system design, and even home automation. His education includes degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science. Follow Andrew on Twitter @ajturner or read his blog

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A world tour of ArcGIS Hub sites

World map of 1,500 ArcGIS sites

Governments are undergoing an inspiring transformation to modernize and build open, responsive, and collaborative digital tools that support the decisions and lives of residents around the world. ArcGIS Hub shares open data and apps from over 2,000 organizations around the … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Hub updates for December 2017: Cards, Perspectives and Teams

ArcGIS Hub Community Dashboard

ArcGIS Hub is a platform for public engagement and citizen collaboration. We update the product regularly to add new features, improve existing capabilities, and fix bugs. Since we launched ArcGIS Hub there have been a lot of large, and small, … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Hub for community engagement

ArcGIS Hub Community Dashboard

We have been working with municipalities of all sizes across the world to learn what makes a smart community. Through our many years of research we have noticed that the most effective organizations have a clear vision and articulation of … Continue reading

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Welcome to ArcGIS Hub

Open Data is a free capability of ArcGIS

Today we introduced a new product from Esri – ArcGIS Hub. ArcGIS Hub supports collaboration between government, businesses, citizens and their communities to accomplish data-driven initiatives. A few early adopters are using ArcGIS Hub today and the product will be … Continue reading

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Building the Forest Atlases with Open Data and Open Source


Open Data and GIS improve forest management in the Congo Basin By Thomas Maschler and Asa Strong from World Resources Institute Open data enables citizens and communities around the world to engage in important societal and environmental issues. Besides stimulating … Continue reading

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Architecture of open data


A year ago we launched ArcGIS Open Data – a new capability of ArcGIS – with the explicit goal making it easy and efficient for government to make authoritative data discoverable and accessible. Included for any organization to use without … Continue reading

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Vector Tiles preview

Vector Tiles Comparison

Today at the Esri International User Conference we unveiled our plans for bringing vector map tiles to the ArcGIS platform. Our web, mobile, and online platform work together to provide data rich, interactive and custom cartography through modern web GIS … Continue reading

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Notes from State of the Map 2015


Last month the United Nations headquarters in New York City hosted the 2015 OpenStreetMap US conference, State of the Map (SOTM). An illustrious setting for a passionate band of people who are collaboratively creating a global repository of geographic data … Continue reading

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National Day of Civic Hacking


The US National Day of Civic Hacking is a day where thousands of developers, data scientists, government staff, civic hackers and citizens gather to create innovative solutions for communities to improve local services. It’s a unique opportunity to meet neighbors and use … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Open Data community

ArcGIS Open Data

Open data is a rapidly growing movement around the globe, focused on governments, businesses, health organizations and more, to share the decision making datasets they use to intelligently manage cities, counties, states, countries, or mitigate health crisis’s and natural disasters. … Continue reading

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