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Making Better Promises

This blog post will discuss a change to our implementation of promises, a change towards making a better promise. Numerous classes in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript resolve to promises. This is the case for WebMapWebSceneMapViewSceneViewBasemapGroundLayers, and LayerViews.

Typically, you would use the then() method to be advised when one of these objects is ready to be used. In fact, many samples in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript SDK use then() on a MapView or on a SceneView to wait for the view to be ready before executing the rest of the application code.
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FeatureLayer rendering: taking advantage of WebGL in 2D


The 4.5 version of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript allows users to opt in to rendering FeatureLayer with WebGL (beta) in 2D MapViews. This is a major step in improving the overall performance of FeatureLayer, providing you with the ability … Continue reading

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