Lauren Scott Griffin

Lauren Scott Griffin
Dr. Lauren Scott Griffin has over 30 years of GIS experience. She currently works on the Geoprocessing team creating analytical workflows and story maps. She received her Ph.D. in 1999 from the Joint Doctoral Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and San Diego State University.

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Fast display of beautiful symbology in ArcGIS Online

Crash Rate Trends

ArcGIS Pro allows you to create beautiful maps with complex and interesting symbology! Here are some tips for maximizing the display performance of your maps and data in ArcGIS Online.

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Can GIS analysis make our roads safer?


Check out this case study Story Map showing spatial and temporal analyses of crash data in Brevard County, Florida.  It begins with a simple space-time trend analysis, displaying the results in 3D.  The workflow is then refined to analyze traffic … Continue reading

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Reducing Health Care Spending: Analytical Strategies

Medicare spending analysis

The rising cost of health care is a serious problem.  Individuals are increasingly confronted with the impossible choice between food and rent or needed care.  Expensive health care also inflates the cost of doing business making it more and more … Continue reading

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