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Full Motion Video 1.3.1 is now available for download!

Full motion video (FMV) is designed to integrate geospatially enabled video inside of ArcMap. Video data is often the most current data available to use for situation awareness, change detection and mapping, and emergency management.  This data can be used after a disaster to quickly prioritize search and rescue resources, during wildfires to map the perimeter and hot spots, and for public safety. We’ve made it easier to work with video collected by drone enthusiasts with a new video multiplexing tool that combines separate video and metadata files into a single MISB-compliant video file. Continue reading

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FMV 1.3 is now available!

Copy of Overview Picture from UAV Camera

The latest release of Esri Full Motion Video (FMV) is now available as an Add-in for ArcGIS Desktop. With exciting new features FMV now allows more users than ever to quickly and easily analyze video data. Previously, FMV required videos … Continue reading

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Storing large volumes of imagery and rasters in the cloud


Storing large volumes of data in the cloud Storing large volumes of imagery in the cloud and transmitting the data to client applications has always created a quandary. Do you want it large, slow and accurate; or fast, small and … Continue reading

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Customizing the display of Image Services in ArcGIS Online


When visualizing continuous data such as temperature and salinity in ArcGIS Online, sometimes you may want to configure a few rendering templates with specific color ramps or breaks. While you can achieve the goal by way of the Stretch function, … Continue reading

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New Arctic elevation data

arctic dem

Check out this story map that Esri put together to showcase the new high-resolution arctic elevation datasets that recently became public: It’s pretty exciting stuff. If you want to learn more about the groups that collaborated to collect this … Continue reading

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Landsat Imagery in ArcGIS Pro

Copy of 7

Here’s how you can access the Landsat archive which is hosted on Amazon through ArcGIS Pro. Open the Projects Pane Click on Portal and then on the cloud icon on the far right to see everything that’s on your portal. … Continue reading

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Server-side processing in Pro


As datasets get larger it makes more sense to do your image analysis and processing where the data is rather than moving it to your personal computer. Until now, when working with an image service, you’ve had two options. If … Continue reading

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Classifying aerial video on the fly


Here’s a pretty cool workflow for classifying video collected from a plane or UAV. What follows is a quick and dirty approach that is designed to give you a first look at what’s on the ground. Step 1 – Capture … Continue reading

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Pass the classification but hold the salt and pepper!

cir segment

ArcGIS has improved its suite of classification tools including advanced algorithms and the ability to segment an image. Segmentation looks at neighboring pixels and groups them together if they share the same spectral characteristics and it can also understand the … Continue reading

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Coral Ecosystem AMA

Copy of Green_turtle_swimming_over_coral_reefs_in_Kona

If you’re going to read Reddit at work, check out this AMA from NOAA scientists talking about coral reef mapping, fish hot spots, and a lot of other cool stuff.

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