John Berry

John Berry
Hello! I'm John Berry, an ArcGIS Online content writer for the Learn ArcGIS Content Team. My job: Write self-help tutorials that introduce and inspire budding students about the joys of GIS. (And when possible, I like to have fun writing them!) Before joining Esri in 2009, I was a newspaper reporter at a variety of publications for nearly 20 years. I moved to California in 2000 partially because I love hiking and skiing--but most of all, I enjoy spending time with my wife Sharilyn and Marshall--our No.1 and only son!

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Assess Open Space to Lower Flood Insurance Cost


Planners in a South Carolina community are taking steps to help homeowners save an estimated $128 each on their flood insurance through a FEMA program designed to mitigate risks in flood-prone areas. Specifically, planners worked with the Community Rating System … Continue reading

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Get Started with Insights for ArcGIS


New construction is everywhere in Montgomery County, Maryland, and officials in that suburban area near Washington, D.C., want to ensure that all those new buildings are in sync with community planning. To do so, regional planners are examining new construction … Continue reading

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Identify Hurricane Shelters in Houston


Hurricane Harvey overwhelmed authorities trying to find shelter for the 300,000 victims seeking dry ground during that storm’s record rainfall in August and September 2017. A new Learn ArcGIS lesson, Find Potential Hurricane Shelters, could help authorities avoid the human … Continue reading

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Create Custom Basemaps for a Minneapolis Suburb


Cambridge, Minnesota, is a bedroom community outside Minneapolis that comes up on any map — but as a city official, you want to create attractive basemaps customed to city projects and presentations. In Design and Publish Basemaps, a new lesson … Continue reading

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Predict Pollution in Chesapeake Bay


Scientists can’t sample every cubic meter of water by themselves, so they have to make predictions about the water they don’t touch. That prediction process, known as “interpolation,” involves taking data samples at two specific locations and and predicting the … Continue reading

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Promote Your Electronic Store in NYC


Management wants proof that enough consumer demand exists in Manhattan to justify a new electronics store — and the map you make could determine whether the investment is worth the risk. In a new Learn ArcGIS lesson, you will open … Continue reading

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Help Tour Guides Track Whales in Costa Rica


Tour guides and boat captains off Costa Rica need your help with tracking a declining population of humpback whales as they convert from using pen and paper to Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS. To reverse the drop, the local population — … Continue reading

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Expand Your Story Mapping Skills with Learn ArcGIS

Get Started with Story Maps

Telling stories is an art as old as speech itself — but an updated Learn ArcGIS lesson will show you how to add interactive maps, multimedia content, and text to the stories you tell. Get Started with Story Maps is a … Continue reading

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Creating Maps with ArcGIS Enterprise

Get Started with Mapping Using ArcGIS Enterprise

Users of ArcGIS Enterprise cannot always reach into the public internet for training because of the enhanced security policies their organizations demand. But a new Learn ArcGIS lesson bridges that private-public chasm by providing ArcGIS Enterprise users with map-creation training they … Continue reading

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Help Your Company Reduce Fuel Card Fraud

Analyze Credit Card Fraud

Analyze Credit Card Fraud is a new Learn ArcGIS lesson showing private and public employers how they can investigate employees who take advantage of fuel card programs. In this one-hour lesson, an investigator with a shipping company based on Washington, D.C., … Continue reading

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